Back in 2002, on our honeymoon, Jason and I went to Emeril’s restaurant for dinner. He really, really wanted to do the chef’s tasting menu… I thought there was a lot of gag-worthy stuff listed. However it was the whole table or nothing, so in the spirit of adventure I went for it. Holy smokes am I glad I did. I know a lot of stuff sounds unappetizing in theory, or you don’t like stuff (for me mushrooms, onions, and way more) but if you’re ever in a spot to have a fine dining experience I suggest you turn trust over to the chef and go for it.

Last night we had a rare (last one was years ago!!) fancy date night complete with a six course meal that was a true experience. Here’s a few photos from Jardiniere-


I’m still on a foodie high from the artistry and flavors of the food. But I’m now going to take these images and turn them into a page!

6 thoughts on “yum”

  1. May, you crack me up. I’m not a fancy pants menu person either, but the night my hubby and I ate at Emeril’s was to die for. Who knew you could make so many yummy noises over such weird sounding stuff! I’m so glad you had a fancy date night…you do so much for others and help us in so many different ways that I’m glad you took some well deserved time for you and hubby. These pix will make a fabulous page. Thanks for always sharing the little pieces of your life.

  2. Hysterical! I would starve! But having said that we did go to a highly rated restaurant called “Pearl” Thursday night. It was amazing. Memorable. We’ll have to go back…someday 🙂

  3. I’ve never been to that high scale of a place where they do that sort of thing. The closest I’ve come to is Manny’s where they bring out the raw meat and live lobsters to let you choose your food. That was gross to me. I don’t want to see the poor little guy. I trust you, just cook him for me.

  4. hehehe, I took pics of my free birthday dessert at TGIFriday’s. My husband and the waiter thought I was crazy, but it was so good and the pretty chocolate drizzle and the strawberry. mmmm.
    Not fancy like yours, but still fun and very good.

  5. If I go out to eat I want food…and lots of it. I just don’t think I am meant for “fine dining”.

    It is gorgeous plating and I am glad you both enjoyed it!

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