home, 2 winners, more tba…

Steph Vetne & Eva – you both win the quilted corners border/corner punch. Since I’m so delayed here I decided to pick 2 names. 🙂 E-mail me (mflaum @ comcast . net) to claim your prize – and please include a mailing address.

So first, thank you all for the kind wishes. Between comments here, on facebook, twitter, and in my e-mail I’m so overwhelmed and thankful for your kind words.  We are home, and Elizabeth is getting better each day. The struggle over last 36hrs or so has been to keep her RESTING and not running around the house. That takes a lot of time and energy as you can imagine. The other struggle has been staying awake, as I think 8hrs is the total I got over the three days of hospital time. Last night I sent myself to bed at 8pm – and today I’m glad for it. Finally feeling human again!

I’ve got a LOT in store to share here – so as soon as I get my Big Picture ‘homework’ turned in, I’ll be back!

7 thoughts on “home, 2 winners, more tba…”

  1. I’m glad you are making sure YOU rest, too! Thank you for posting the good news… I was starting to get really worried, but tried to remember you said you would not be posting for a while.

  2. So glad Elizabeth is back home now, as for keeping her resting – I have no brilliant ideas to help – sorry.

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