It’s not a question of weird…

because I already know I’m weird.


but here’s the question: Am I the only one who likes to ‘cure’ her gummy bears? Because I like to let them sit out a few days until slightly hard on outside. I think they taste better. However, I like gummy cola bottles straight out of package, and honestly same with all the other gummy stuff. But bears, properly cured, are my fave.

15 thoughts on “It’s not a question of weird…”

  1. I don’t know if I like them better that way. I’d have to have compare… Probably not though… fresh is usually better for me.

  2. interesting. I don’t think you are weird. i do prefer mine to be fresh and soft though. :O)

  3. I have to say I prefer them really soft. We all have our little ‘weird’ quirks tho – I always each my pizza one ingredient at a time – picking off each one and then the next. Not sure why. MANY of my friends think that is weird….and I kinda agree! But they win because I am the slowest pizza eater in the world. BTW, that is an awesome photo.

  4. I also prefer them soft ..but I know my DH loves to cure them (as you call it), just because nobody else likes them that way, then he gets all of them

  5. That is too funny! I think we all have our food quirks. I am a diet soda drinker, and I prefer canned diet pepsi over canned diet coke, but prefer fountain diet coke over fountain diet pepsi. It makes my husband completely crazy!! But I really can tell the difference!

  6. May, you are not the only one who likes them “cured”. I do too. 😉 LOL

  7. Not much of a gummy fan myself…..but I do that with real licorice. Like it hard and chewy….

    I also love to do it with peeps. Don’t like them all soft and marshmallowish….but firm and chewy!

    Suppose my teeth will fall out not only as a result of the sugar….but all that work!

  8. OH me too with the peeps! Always have! I don’t have a preference with gummys though. I’ll take them both ways!

    Jenn in Vancouver

  9. I was going to confess how weird I was by saying I like Peeps cured in the sealed package in the refridgerator for for up to several months, when they get dried out and chewy… Lisa and Jennifer beat me to the stale Peeps disclosure! Whew! I’m not the only one…but Gummy bears: fresh and soft! (But you know I’m going to experiment and hide some in the icebox for a much later date… and some in the freezer, too!).

  10. Call me wierd because I don’t like gummy bears or Peeps. My favorite splurge is Garrett’s Carmel Cheese mix popcorn (the absolute best popcorn on the planet – a Chicago favorite) that’s been cured in the wax paper bag AND the brown bag for about 3-4 days…Oh..My..GOODNESS! It’s the perfect blend of cheesy, salty, sweet, buttery decadence. It’s the best $10 bag of stale popcorn money can buy!

  11. i’m with you on the bears. :]
    i like gummy worms fresh, but i don’t usually pick worms over bears. haha. red bears are the best.
    i also like my sour patch kids cured, otherwise they are way to sticky to handle.

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