Hello, Tuesday.


I got an e-mail from myself, well really it was from Big Picture Scrapbooking about my class (it is a re-run of original) Recipes for Scrapbooking Success over at Big Picture. I’m CRAZY EXCITED to be sharing that class again, and in fact I have some ideas from now until it starts for some fun stuff to do here at my blog.

boundary waters

First, I have this punch and it needs a home. Would you like it? Just leave a comment here! I’ll draw a winner Friday the 24th.

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  1. May, I’m very intrigued by your class! I think page “recipes” would really help reduce my unproductive scrapping time, and help me get tons more done!

    And my scrap retreat house would LOVE to be the new home for your Fiskars waves punch! The punch would never be lonely again!

  2. Since the 24th is my birthday that punch would make a great birthday gift:)

    I am checking your blog out because I am seriously thinking about signing up for your class!

  3. Hi May,

    I got that email too! I hope I can get signed up since I missed it the first time around.

    BTW, LOVE that little bridie stamp. A little one like that I would stamp all the inside-covers of my books so I get them back eventually.

    Thanks for the chance to win the punch, I went to buy this one but it was sold out so I bought apron lace instead.

  4. I’m checking out your because I am interested in your class at BPS. I took your kit class and made a ton of LOs.

    Would love to win your punch, perfect for our beach days. In fact I have a great beach kit and I think that it would make a perfect cohesive accent for a mini.

  5. Hi May – found your blog ‘cos I would love to do your BPS class and wanted to check out your style. Your punch would love a trip to New Zealand I am sure!! It would be so welcome next to the real waves of my local beach. Besides, Fiskars punches are expensive here and I have never treated myself to one but they are soooo pretty. Carmel

  6. Just here checking our your blog from the Big Picture site. I would absolutely love to win that punch. It would work so well with my beach photos!

  7. Hi
    Found your blog thru the BPS e-mail.
    I’ll be at the beach in a few days and that punch would be a wonderful accent to the photos on my pages!

    I’m considering taking your class. I’m out of ideas and my creative mojo has been seriously lacking lately. Your class might be the ‘jolt’ I need to get inspired to create.

  8. I’m thinking about your Recipes class – sounds interesting! Would love to win the punch!

  9. Hopped over here to check out your blog. Really would love to take your BPS class, looks great. Great punch also!



  10. Hi May – is this class a repeat of the one I took in Oct 2008? I loved that one and look forward to a new one. And thanks for the chance to win the punch!

  11. I actually need a little kickstart on some of my own scrapping and I think another perspective would do me good, so I just signed up for this class! Looking forward to it!

  12. OH MY GOSH!! i want this punch sooo bad, it is perfect for my vacation minibook…thanks for a chance to win.

  13. Hey, I got that same email! I am all signed and ready for your class! I loved your seasons one, so am looking forward to another one! Oh, about the punch… I just took LOTS of swim pictures this weekend, so would have immediate use for waves!!

  14. I’m feeling so inspired by your class, your blog and that punch. Now if I can just get all my scrapbooks supplies unpacked from my recent move in time for class to start!

  15. Love the Fiskars punches and this is one of the few I don’t have. I will give it a happy home!

  16. I am looking forward to taking the class!! I was just thinking about getting a border punch- I have never tried using one before.

  17. Would love to win the punch. I really need to update my supplies. I have a lot of photos to scrap and I think I need some recipes.

  18. Loving the fiskars punches! Just started my collection and don’t have this one yet! Great for the summer days at the pool!

    Jenn in Vancouver

  19. I hope you have fun re-teaching the class! Thanks for the great Tuesday pick-me-up!

  20. Really enjoyed recipies class. Have been thinking of using some of those ideas when I’m back from my trips to Orlando and BC. That is one of the great new border designs and would love to have it! Have a great time with the class!

  21. i would love, love ,love, this punch! Have just been looking at your blog (link from BPS) your work ROCKS!
    If I can find the time I think I might sign up for your class.,,Jodie

  22. I would absolutely love this punch – I was a total water baby when I was young, then a water skiing teenager and later a beach babe (well in my eye’s anyway lol), so I have loads of water themed pictures to scrap.
    Thanks for the chance to win it.

  23. I see many potential “class mates” have commented on the possibility of taking recipe class. i came to your blog to check your style out.

    I’m sure this punch would help my style!

  24. So looking forward to taking your class and can’t wait for it to start (not my first at Big Picture, but my first with you).! In the meantime, grabbing more inspiration here at your blog. Would love to win the punch!

  25. Your August class sounds awesome. I am a cook and a scrapbooker, without any formal training in either. I was thinking of joining a local class but hate the idea of getting in with a beginners class-boring!. Love what you do with ribbons and buttons. The punch is nice – it would help with my Florida vacation photos.

  26. Why, yes, YES, I would like that punch ! Thanks for asking !

    Life has felt like a big wave lately ! Love the birdie stamp too!

    Thanks May and have a great week!

  27. I would love to win the punch. I have been debating about taking the recipe class–the more I think and hear about it, the more I like it! 🙂

  28. Heading to the beach in a couple of weeks, bet I could make good use of that punch when I get back…hope you are having a great summer May!

  29. I took your first Ricipes for Scrapbooking class and LOVED it!! I would also love this punch!

  30. This class looks great! I am trying to get back to my scrapbooking. I have been struggling with depression after my father passed away earlier this year. This class might help get me going again. I would love to give the punch a new home and my scrapbook corner too. It would go perfect with my beach pictures.

  31. You’re kidding, right? I was admiring that punch used on a layout recently and thought a gal could get a lot of mileage out of that one!

    Having finally admitted to myself that I no longer cook, I passed right by Recipes first time ’round. Maybe you’ll say something in the next while to convince me I need this class – and won’t have a single dirty pot to show for it!

  32. Ohhhhhh, I would love that punch! Thanks for the chance to win!

  33. That would be a perfect punch for the layouts for our upcoming beach vacation. I don’t have any punches like that and would love to give it a try. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  34. Oh boy! Fun Recipes to do with us here on your blog!?
    I love the wave border punch and would give it a very good home : )

  35. Love these punches, but I am really excited about your recipe class. Need a little push to get the creativity going again, thanks!

  36. Checking out your blog because I’m thinking about your recipes class. Loving your stuff!

  37. I loved your recipe class. Cool punch. I would love to have it in my supplies.

  38. I would be happy to give that punch a good home! I’m so exited about your ‘Recipes’ class! One of my all time favorite Special Issues from SS is ‘Album Shortcuts’ and it uses many different recipes for albums. Can’t wait to learn recipes for layouts. Having good recipes keep this scrapper healthy helps fight the DREADED Scrapper’s Block Disease. See you in class!

  39. Just came from the Recipes class description page at BPS. It sounds great!

    I would love to win this punch!

  40. I am most probably too late for this , have only just saw it. And I must say your are just too generous.Will make someone very happy!

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