Foto Friday

Why hello! Oh what’s that? You can see my messy workspace. Egads. Let me explain!


exciting things happening on that laptop & beyond. Stuff I can’t quite talk about but I still wanted to blog this morning and show you around. See my favorite coffee cup? it’s there and (sob) nearly empty. This morning I decided to walk around and take photos to share with you. Ready? Here we go.

I found these ‘mini vintage kits’ by Making Memories at Michaels. I. am. in. love.


speaking of love, have you tried these? ooooohhhh mama.



I’m finishing up a project now class for Big Picture that involves the peeks shown above and below. BIG FUN I tell you, and I can hardly wait to share more.


Speaking of fun, I keep doodling wood grain. How can I use this in my scrapbook? Not sure. I just keep doodling in my super secret full of awesome ideas journal.


I love violets. These two just got put into their proper pots and I hope they flourish. Did you know they do better when you talk to them on a regular basis? I’m so NOT kidding!! When I moved them to a better spot and started saying hello/how are you each day they bloomed – something they’d not done in over a year. Perhaps I have a flower-magical voice?


This thread makes me crazy happy. It’s multi-color and when sewn on the right project is so killer – I love it. (Tex is all bent out of shape because I’ve not been sewing with him lately. Sorry darling!)


oh and Jason picked these up for me yesterday… (gulp)


that’d be a BIG stack ‘o photos I want to play with (mid-May > July 09) but I have some work to do first.

Thanks for spending time in my wacky world this morning – have a great weekend!!

7 thoughts on “Foto Friday”

  1. COCONUT M&M’s !!!!!!!!! Say it IS so ! Seriously?!

    Coconut is like my fave ! Love coconut cream pie! Pina Coladas! Fresh coconut and someone bought me some to die for coconut macaroons for my birthday ! Oh so yummy !

    African violets…the trick we always found to work was water them from the bottom with warm water and usually a north or east facing window . This is how my Granny taught me and she had the most gorgeous violets ever ! But everyone is different ! 🙂

  2. ooh. i’m going to have to hunt for those m&m’s. i haven’t heard of them yet, but i’m pretty sure i need some. :]

    happy friday!

  3. Oh my goodness! I have got to find some of those M&M’s!!! Thanks for sharing…I am on a mission.

  4. Gotta tell you….I saw the same vintage packs at my Michael’s and I think I’ve already gotten 1/3 of what they carry!

  5. Those little packets from Making Memories, the M&Ms plus your ‘Big’ project sneaks that was a wow filled post.

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