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First off- Angie F e-mail me, you’ve won the Fiskars goodies! (mflaum (at) comcast.net)

Now I’ve been sifting ideas around my brain all weekend, here’s a finished page. It’s the only project I finished this weekend and it sat on my desk for far too many hours. I’m a ‘git er dun’ kind of scrapper. I rarely take on big long involved technique filled pages. Yet, despite this layout fitting my usual style it took forever!


(I know it doesn’t look like it should have taken more than an hour tops, but I was doing a lot of deep thinking on ideas I’ve got rollin’ around my noggin).


What ideas, you ask? Well I can’t expain exactly. See I’m developing a new class (or two) as well as working out some kinks for a future Fiskars project (or five) and a lot of thoughts kept my brain buzzing while my hands just wanted to play with this photo I love of Jason and Becca.

What I can tell you is this, I’m ruffle obsessed. Ok, ruffles, polka dots, woodgrain, and damask actually. Those are my current obsessions and I’ll be sharing more from this weekend soon.

4 thoughts on “buddies layout”

  1. Love this – the ruffles, polka dots, woodgrain… do I see damask LOL? That would so not be a 1-hour page for me – I overthink every little thing. Really love the idea of woodgrain and ruffles together – gonna try your ruffles/dots/woodgrain/damask combo and see what I get.

    New classes – yay! Really enjoying Vacaton Memories; chomping at the bit to scrap some Disney but I need my DD to give me photos I lost when my ‘puter crashed.

    Okay, I’m ready for more layouts – what’cha got?

  2. we must have been on the same wavelength for a little bit because i used those bg alphas on the last layout i made too. :]
    i love the lace and the little flower cluster too. i’m trying to improve my clustering skills these days. haha.

  3. Love the layout. The journaling strips are a wonderful touch and fit so well with the layout. Love the ruffles too!

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