June 09 bookworm post:

I have a complaint! When I go into the bookstore and the employees have ‘goals’ of specific books to get me to buy I get cranky. Whatever happened to booksellers to being trusted guides to great reads? My local store is Borders, and usually I go in knowing what I’m buying ahead of time and I have a coupon for it. Recently I checked out some features on their website and CRACKED UP – mostly because their recommendations and suggestions are based more on best selling than actual greatness I think. Sheesh. Well, at least I have some friends and blogs I follow where I know I can get real truth on good reads!!

Now here’s my disclaimer: I’ve been on a STINKER STREAK. That’s right, I’ve been reading bad books. Not on purpose, just things haven’t been working out for me and my choices. So, determined to shake things up I walked into Borders a few weeks back and purchased books I’d either never heard of, or did NOT have on my to buy list.

What happened? Well I got 5 books and I liked 3 of them quite a bit! (I have 2 STINK BOMBS from this batch too, but I won’t talk about those)


Let’s start with this guilty pleasure read right off the bat. I read a blog months ago – somebody had an advanced copy of this and said it was crazy cute. So when I found it (and had coupon to burn) a few weeks back I went for it. She gets a life coach, but it turns out he’s FBI agent who is just filling in for his brother the real life coach. She’s also got a bad habit of physically hurting men she’s attracted to – that gives us some comical moments in the early chapters. I’ll say it – it’s kinda cheesy. But in an awesome way that I loved. The dog, the other guy getting life-coached? way cute. Don’t ask why, but I feel guilty for liking it much as I did.


I have picked this up 100x because I love the cover, but figure I wouldn’t actually like the book because usually cover love = me not liking contents. Surprise! So far this book ROCKS and living up to hype, which is surprising. It’s all in letters format to/from an author + men and women in and around England (and channel island of Guernsey) right after WW2. {disclaimer? I’m not actually finished with this one… but it’s so good I can’t see changing my mind}


Now this is an author I’ve never read, and I thought the cover was mighty cute… I’m glad I risked it! It’s a light romantic comedy about a shock jock in a coma who’s spirit has to go help this lady (while his body lays in hospital). Surprisingly sweet and even touching at times. I loved the angels, spirit guides, and yeah, even the demons. He talks to her and advises her – and dang it I totally enjoyed my time with this author. Ending (clearly he has to get back into his BODY, and clearly she has to meet him, not just hear his voice!) got thumbs up too – so color me pleasantly surprised!

So there are 3 that I might suggest – as always I welcome your ideas! Goodness knows I found better books on my ‘oh what the heck’ excursion than I did when I was trying to research and pick wisely!

PS – stay tuned Monday for a new give-away… one that features one of my favorite books!!!

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  1. I love all of the books that you post about. I haven’t read a “fun” book in forever. Well, since I read the Twilight series. 🙂 I am reading Catch-22 right now and I am loving it! I never thought a classic book could be so funny! I am going to pick up the Guernsey book the next time I am at the store.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I was actually making a list of my “summer reading” titles last week! Some of the ones on my list include:

    Austen, Jane & Grahame-Smith, Seth: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
    Bradley, Alan: Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie
    Simner, Janni Lee: Bones of Faerie
    Weiner, Jennifer: Best Friends Forever
    Green, Jane: Dune Road
    Kinsella, Sophie: Twenties Girl
    Jacobs, Kate: Knit Two
    Grossman, Lev: The Magicians
    Livingston, Lesley: Woundrous Strange

    and of course, my usual assortment of cozy mysteries…

  3. I always enjoy your reading posts – almost more than I do the crafting ones!! I am anxiously awaiting June 23rd and Finger Licking Fifteen – that is #1 on my list for the summer. Until then I picked up some of Janet Evanovich’s early romance novels from a used bookstore – fun reads – but nothing like Miss Plum!!

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