www.fiskarscrafts.com summer school!

coming soon

It’s just 1 of the many projects I’ve been putting in hours on – and I think you’ll LOVE it!!! Project idea + instruction + great designers. Every Tuesday & Thursday all summer long and 100% free!!! You can watch here starting on the 22and of May (Thursday) and watch for some Fiskars designers as well as AWESOME AND AMAZING guests!


PS – I know I’m going (!) crazy, but it’s so cool to start talking about this when I’ve been keeping it hush-hush for over a month. Also- if you have a suggestion for a guest I just *must* know about feel free to shoot me an e-mail. (mflaum (at) comcast (dot) net)

6 thoughts on “www.fiskarscrafts.com summer school!”

  1. As I always said – you are the best thing that happened to Fiskarscrafts.com! Can’t wait to the summer school to start!

  2. I am excited for summer school to start. I am in a rut and need a BIG PUSH and LOTS of inspiration.

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