oh my.

I’m swooning & besotted…


with this punch.

I have to give props to EK for this new punch design. 1) I so *needed* a fleur de lis punch. SO NEEDED. 2) A compact, stackable punch has been much needed. This new toy so will NOT replace my squeeze punches (they’re easier to use + I heart Fiskars)… but if there’s a design like this that doesn’t come in fiskars squeeze form that I NEED? then heck yeah, I’m on it.

I’m just noticing how in the photo 2 fiskars tools are shown with my new EK punch love. It’s like my Fiskars tools know I’ve strayed a little…

8 thoughts on “oh my.”

  1. I like the idea of a flat punch, too. I’ve seen several designs at The Paper Garden.
    I have an old Anna Griffin Fleur de Lis themed punches that you could always borrow, May, if you want.

  2. Hi May, Love the new punch. I agree that there are designs out there that I’d love to see in the Fiskars squeeze punch version of. Love the idea of a flat punch. Is it stackable too?

    Fiskateer #1485

  3. Did you know they also have it in a border punch. I almost bought it a Michels yesterday and I definately thought of you when I was looking.

  4. I’ve seen those punches, but I haven’t used them. Kinda wondered if they were cool or not…

    You’re funny. : )

  5. I have seen these new punches but not tried them. I love the fact that they store flat.

  6. ok, I had to look up besotted. It says stupefy or confuse, as with alcoholic drink; to make silly or foolish.
    so you’re drunk with it? 🙂 I have seen these and they are nice, but yeah, I <3 my squeeze punches too.

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