Dixon May Fair

The oldest fair (Dixon May Fair) in California is right by our place- so last weekend I took the girls.


Of course- first up was pony ride. The girls LOVE ponies!! (probably it’s genetic and I passed that on- but then again little girls do tend to love horses!)


Then we went through the barns and visited all the animals. Since I spent much of my childhood with animals (4-H & FFA) I love seeing the kids (oh especially the teenagers- they bring back memories!) showing their animals. My favorite? Since it’s the animal I raised every year for fair- the market hogs!!



Oh, and we had a few classic fair treats too…


Besides spending a wonderful afternoon with my girls, the best part about this small fair is that it means the warm weather festivities and traditions have begun!!!

12 thoughts on “Dixon May Fair”

  1. Look’s like alot of fun! I can not believe how big the girls have gotten. they are beautiful.

  2. Precious pics, May!!

    I live in 4H country.. Indiana. If you don’t play basketball in high school, you’re in 4H.. one or the other, LOL.
    And I LOVE small town fairs.. just looking at your pics makes me excited for the several that we’ll have around here this Summer.

  3. That curly haired kid is beyond adorable! Both of the girls are just precious and are so photogenic..so many great shots you get from them

    County fairs are so much fun, especially if the are a true Ag fair… not just all commercial vendors. And the FOOD….oy…yummo!

  4. County fair always brings back such good memories. All those years of 4-H and now I get to relive those memories through my girls and their 4-H clubs.

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