NSD prize #1:

I love working withΒ Fiskars tools, and the people I get to interact with each week. Such fun. To kick off National Scrapbook day here’s a FUN prize pack of goodies from Fiskars.


Yes, that’s an upper crest border punch… and they’re more awesome in person than I can begin to explain! Leave a comment here to win these goodies- a winner will be drawn 5/4/09!

Just FYI for full disclosure here- I’mΒ  not an employee of Fiskars, but I do work with them and love it! πŸ™‚

134 thoughts on “NSD prize #1:”

  1. May what an awesome prize pack! Hope I am the lucky one! I am looking forward to all the things going on today on Fiskateer blog and yours!
    connie @2909

  2. Nice to hear from you !! I’m home this NSD…but working on butterfly ATCs and unpacking my scrapping stuff !! Hope all is well and you have a wonderful day !!

    Laura #1943
    FOY 2008

  3. You’re so lucky to work with Fiskars. What an awesome RAK!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. What an awesome prize pack – thanks for the chance. I like your blog….Chris #5011

  5. That is one great rak! I am recovering from our NSD celebration for NSD. I hosted a crop for 17 fiskateers. We laughed, ate and had a lot of fun. Yes, we scrapped in there too. All of us love our Fiskars products and share with one another. I know a lot of ladies who would be glad if I won that punch ( so they could use it also).
    Maxine Hodges

  6. Happy NSD, May! I’m busy today taking on the challenges on the Fiskateer site. Having lots of fun. Hope you are too. Thanks for the chance at such an awesome RAK.

  7. You had me at the punch. . . Happy NSD May! Thanks for being you.

  8. May it was so nice to see you popping in it the Fiskateers site this morning. You are missed very much! Hope to see you around more often. Happy NSD to you!!!!

  9. I am doing the online crop at Fiskateers.com today! I would love to win these awesome goodies!

    sandy Fiskateer #4165

  10. Hey May. Long time, no see. Hope you are doing well. I would love to win all that stuff.

    Even if you “don’t work for Fiskars” we love you.

  11. how awesome may I’m here with flumonia lol flu and pnumonina lol or at least it feels that way trying to participate to the best of my abalities

    Heather #3825

  12. Thanks for the chance. You got a great package of goodies. I too would love it. Busy, busy, busy today working on some challenges…hope you are having a great day.

  13. I already have Upper Crest – it is one of my favorites!! I would love to win it to re-RAK from my blog! (LOL) Thanks for the chance May!

  14. wow I have never seen that mini rotary cutter! I need to find one for sure! I love how you do not work for Fiskars anymore but you still love them, I am the same way, it ‘s not about the money! It’s all about the tools and trusting your product!
    I fought for my Fiskateers this week, and I will always be a Fiskars baby!
    Happy NSD!

  15. I love Fiskars too–especially my paper cutter. I’m spending today catching up on Project 365. What a great day!

  16. Thanks for thinking of us, as always! We’re glad you are still hanging in there.

  17. WOWEEE!!! That’s quite a bundle of stuff. Thanks for giving us a chance to win such awesome crafting supplies.

  18. The Fiskars tools are all very quality products. I think the border punch and the tools would beawesome to win. Please include me…and Happy Scrapbooking Day!

  19. Is that a finger held rotary cutter like the one they came out with last year? Must have that!!

    Happy NSD!

  20. Thanks for the opportunity May! Lovely goodies you got there!:) Happy NSD!

  21. I would love to work with Fiskars also, come to think I really think we Fiskateers do!

  22. Always such nice things! Thanks for the chance. Happy NSD to you, too! I’m taking my time getting to my weekend event. Enjoying all the on-line celebrations.

  23. wow! Such yummy’s!

    you are so generous! I’ll be scrapping at home with a friend as our original plans fell through. have a great weekend!

  24. First of all Happy NSD!!! What a great bunch of tools that you are giving away. Just love Fiskars stuff!! Thanks for sharing with us!!

  25. hi May…how wonderful of you to share…I too LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Fiskars and the many things they have to offer…..I would love this prize…
    Thank you for sharing.
    Peggy #4129

  26. Thanks for the opportunity to win some fun stuff May! I enjoy your blog daily when I’m at work, but am enjoying it today as well for NSD!

  27. What a generous treasure! Fiskars are great, and this is pretty great of you, too!

  28. What a wonderful group of fiskars items. I have a very hard time finding the newer stuff around here and I would love to get my hands on that border bunch. Thanks for offering up such a great RAK

  29. These are wonderful, May! I am LOVING that border punch that I see up there! Happy National Scrapbook day!!!

  30. Great RAK…thanks.

    BTW….love the pic of you and your little one…what a doll!

    Renee # 859

  31. I love Fiskars and freebies. Happy NSD!! Hope you have another class at BPS soon

  32. Hi May,

    I have to say, this would make an excellent graduation present!! Only 2 more finals to take next week and then it’s official, I’ll be a college graduate!!

    I too love all the Fiskars products and my hubby thinks I have plenty, but I don’t!! Who does?!?

    Have a great NSD!!

    Jennifer E.

  33. What an awesome RAK May!! Thanks for a chance to win some more fiskars goodies!! My very favorite tool company yet!!!

  34. Sweet prize pkg. Happy NSD day May! Hope everyone is feeling better at your house!

  35. Hi May
    Nice to hear from U..What an Awesome prize pack !!thanks for the chance!!

  36. Happy NSD!!!! I’m trying to get my mojo going making cards….what a wonderful RAK…thanks for sharing.

  37. Thanks May for the chance to win such great Fiskars products. Happy NSD !

  38. Ooohhh! I love that punch and haven’t seen it in store anywhere! What a cool giveaway πŸ™‚

  39. Oh the tape runner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to join in here. Thanks for the great RAK May.

  40. Just wanted to say hi… hope you’re enjoying your day!
    (no need to add me to the drawing, I’ve got that border punch… it’s AWESOME!).

  41. wowzers! Miss May ! That’s some great stuff yer givin’ away! I’m drooling over it!

    We just got home from softball, Chloe’s team won 16-0, She pitched a great game! Even a homerun and it’s her birthday, big 13 !!


  42. Hi Ma!!! Happy NSD to all. I am here at home working on some layouts. Fun time!!! Can always use new Fiskars toys to play with :=)

  43. Oooo so good to hear from you…hope everything is going well for you! Is that a fingertip rotary cutter??? I just LOVE my fingertrip craft knife finally found acouple at Joanns few weeks ago and gave one away on a rak then I had to use it for a baseball banner I was making…fell in love with it!

  44. Happy NSD! Thanks for sharing May! I do love the border punches – just picked up the boundary waters punch – love it!

  45. Hi May! Thanks for the great RAK. Miss you over on Fiskateers.

    Fiskateer #1823

  46. Hey May,
    Happy Birthday Month………I love your blog. Can I link it to mine?
    The prizes are fabulous thanks for offering a chance to win,

  47. Oh what a great prize – I don’t think we have any of that in New Zealand yet. Happy International Scrapbooking Day.

  48. Hi May……I’ve been enjoying the challenges on the Fiskateer site for NSD. It’s been so much fun. Thanks for a chance to win this awesome prize package.

  49. Fantastic May, happy NSD. I am working on a birthday album for hubby, 50 this week. so far it is going well

  50. Oh, I’ve been wanting that punch for so long! Thanks for a chance to win! : )

  51. thanx for the chance to win May!! Nuthing says scrapbooking like Fiskars Goodies!

  52. Happy National Scrapbook Day!! Thanks so much for the chance to win! Awesome goodies!

  53. I would LOVE your Fiskars prize package!! Thanks for the chance to WIN! πŸ™‚

  54. awesome prize package. I don’t have ANY of those products on hand (buy my tape runner from a different store. Fiskars isn’t all that available around here) so I would totally love to get this. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance to win

  55. I don’t have any fiskars border punches, but would love to try some! I’m seeing ideas for layouts already.

  56. Wow! Some great looking tools there. I’m drooling. I only get to see pictures of the new things. I’d love to see the actual items…Ok, so I’d love to win them! :)Thanks for the great rak!

  57. hi may!! Great tools, i just love my Fiskars Rotary Trimmer it’s my FAV! Happy NSD!!

  58. Oooh what a fun pack of goodies! I am SO into that border punch πŸ™‚

    Happy NSD May!!!!!!!!

  59. I’m always a day late and a dollar short….I had a great time yesterday playing at a crop with my and friends Fiskars tools….I have a new list of MUST HAVES now! LOL…have a fabulous day

  60. wow i don’t have of those! I only have 3 of the fiskars border punches so far but i LOVE them!! My valentines one is my favorite so far! πŸ˜‰

  61. Oh la la!! They all look so yummy!!! thank you for sharing. hope you are getting lots of cropping done today.

    aloha, anita

  62. wow such nice prizes! I would love that stuff! cuz I don’t have any of it…and I am dying to try the stamps! I would share! ty for the chance, Cher

  63. What a fantastic prize!! I don’t have that border punch or knife yet. Droolin’ over the stamps! And you know me, I’ll go to the ends of the earth for Fiskars tape!! Thanks for the chance!

  64. Hi May, Hope your feeling better these days. I had a fantastic day today (bought a new horse for me) but I would love to win a prize to top it off!

  65. Wow, what a haul. And so sweet of you to be rakin these awesome prizes. Ive been perousing your blog, and i really like it… Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  66. I’m a major fan of Fiskars! I’ve been loooking all over for the new border bunch. This is a great RAK!

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