We’ve all been there- I’ve got a clog in the creative process. A lump ‘o gunk at the opening of the glue bottle. A backed up sink. The ideas are there, but they can’t get out. Very frustrating indeed!

I think it’s probably time to heed my own advice and work on something else, but I can’t quite bring myself to put this away.


It’s been on the desk 2 days now and I have spent an insane amount of time just getting it here. I want this page finished (I have the journaling in my head…) but I can’t take the next step.

I’m slow like molasses on a cold day.

What’s a girl to do? I have a couple creativity un-blocker ideas that I’ll share with you later today (after I try them)…

8 thoughts on “stuck”

  1. These photos are gorgeous! When I have a creative block I just walk away. I like to look at sketch layouts in magazines or just walk around outside and let nature inspire me. A funk is hard to get rid of, but it’s better then throwing the page together and always wishing you had done something else each time you look at it.

  2. With ADORABLE photos like that and MARVELOUS BG PP I know you will be inspired before the day is over!

  3. Did your ideas work? Were you able to “unclog” your ideas? I hate when that happens, too. Seems to happen to me too much! 🙂 I love the pics tho. She is just adorable. I love the BG paper!

  4. Overlay with some flourishes? Flowers/snowflakes in the same colors? I’m not sure this needs much more…the pictures are so vibrant!

  5. When I’m stuck on a layout I think about it as I go to bed at night. I am forced to ‘see’ it differently because it’s not there in front of my eyes – and for reasons I can’t even begin to fathom often come up with an idea that is completely not the direction I was headed in (and blocked by). It might hit me as I go to sleep, or it might come to me in the morning as I wake up. (Usually I don’t dream about it – at least, not that I’m aware of.)

    The thing I find most surprising about this is I am not a night scrapper. After the sun goes down I am useless at my scrap table (or pretty much anywhere else). But I embrace these creative ideas that come to me in bed – the trick is to remember them in the morning!

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