I’m in.

First off, I get twitter. I like twitter. It’s like reading text messages from a number of my friends and also people who are just funny and/or entertain. Twitter is simple, straightforward, and quick. It’s got my seal of approval.

I never did myspace or any of those things- just never saw the point. Ah but I keep getting questioned as to why I am not on facebook, when will I be there, do I not realize all I’m missing out on?

Reluctantly so, I joined facebook a few weeks back. I used an alias so I could just pop on, check out the (work  related) content I promised I would on a group/fan page, and then sneak back out.

Today I realized that there indeed IS a bit more privacy/control as to who can see what about you and that made me make the executive decision to change my profile to add a photo + use my real and full name too. Ok, so the realization that perhaps I’m being a fuddy duddy old lady about this partially helped sway my decision.

So! If you’re a facebook girl (or guy, I suppose) then please do let’s be friends. Oh, and if you can explain to me WHY and WHAT the appeal is, I’d greatly appreciate it. Right now I still don’t get it, but I’m testing the waters anyway.

… and I’ll be back with reports as to how this cranky old lady is doing and what I think of it all…

14 thoughts on “I’m in.”

  1. when facebook started, you had to go to a university to join… only certain universities were part of the network, and you had to have a verified university email account from one of the universities in the network in order to sign up. i joined back then during my freshmen year of college. it was kind of cool because you could add the classes you were currently taking to the “education” part of your profile, and then you could see who else was in each of your classes. it was a good way to meet study buddies. and because it was through the school, there was really no “creep factor” like that associated with myspace or other online social networking websites. you could feel fairly certain that you weren’t going to get gross messages from strangers or anything like that on the facebook. :]

    eventually, the creators of facebook opened it up to high school students, and soon after that, they opened it up to everyone. not long after that, they added all of the mini-feed features and completely changed the way the homepage functioned (to how it currently functions) and it got a bit more creepy at that point. haha. i get mad every time they change it, but i’ve kept my profile.

    i guess it started out as a good way to meet people in my classes, and also i liked the ability to share my photos with friends easily. now i just keep it because i guess i feel like i have 5 years of memories written on my “wall” (which used to be completely different from how it is now… there were no status updates and things like that. i think fb is trying to be like twitter in that regard.) and 5 years of photos posted on there, and i can’t quite just delete all of that.

    it looks like i went a little bit long… sorry!

  2. Don’t feel bad as I don’t understand Facebook either. I too did join but only so I could check some other people etc out and I still haven’t finished my page tho I keep accepting invitations from people to be my friend. I guess it feels like 1 more place I have to be besides my blog, Fiskars website and Willow Traders. I’ll be watching to see if anyone solves this mystery of why we should be there and participate more!

  3. I must be a cranky ol’ lady too and I don’t get it. Sorry I can’t help. My kids are in it but barely…no pictures etc. I told them that whatever is put on the internet may be there forever…and be careful. But they have to have it for group communication..oh well.

  4. I didn’t really “get” it at first either but I’ve found it to be easier than myspace and it’s been a nice way to connect with old friends and extended family members.

  5. I don’t do twitter or facebook. I spend so much time on the Fiskateer site already I just didn’t want to get involved in something else that was going to keep me glued to the computer…and I just don’t see the appeal for either one.

  6. I have a Twitter account but I don’t use it and I must be even older and crankier, because I don’t get Facebook. I want to get out a quill pen and write an old fashioned letter to Auntie!

  7. I really like Facebook and Twitter. I’m not a phone person at all, so that’s my way of staying in touch with my friends and checking in with them really regularly without a phone call. It’s also a great way to keep in touch with those people who are not really good friends, but who you still like to hear from every now and then. You can “test the water” so to speak and decide if you want to get to know them better without inviting them to your home or something like that.

  8. So you haven’t had your old school mate from 4th grade…who sat next to you through homeroom…ask to be your friend. That’s what I have been enjoying. Reconnecting with people…plus it makes keeping in touch with even your neighbor easy. I know what’s going on in their lives without having to bug them. Maybe I am just a Curious George but I like knowing if they don’t feel well or had a bad day and then give them a call or send them a note. That kind of thing. I’ll be seeing you on FB soon.

  9. I am on facebook but have just a few friends as I am an old lady and can not figure out how it works either and you really are just a young thing!

  10. I first got on Facebook to monitor my teenagers. Now I am addicted to it. I keep up with friends and family so easily (and with photos!). I also reconnected with so many old friends, coworkers and neighbors. The most amazing was getting together with my old BFF from middle school because I found her on Facebook! Give it some time, you’ll love it!
    BTW…I so do not get twitter…I might be the last holdout on that one. 😉

  11. I’m on Facebook and don’t fully get it either. Sure old friends and relatives can connect but what about second and third cousins that you really don’t want to connect with – hmmm, how to say no to their friend request? Or the acquaintances of scrap acquaintances – I have them on ignore because I can’t “unfriend” them – it is just not me but I don’t like the idea that they can see my stuff. I don’t put pictures, my city, work, or much information.

    Yep, I’m and old fuddy duddy.

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