The girls and I took the day off Saturday and headed up into the Sierra Mts. to visit my grandma, aunt, and mom who are all living in my grandparents 1 bedroom/bath cabin with a loft. I asked if it was a non stop party and got evil eyed, so I’m guessing it’s not quite the slumber party all the time.

The girls didn’t notice that though- they just saw all the fun I used to see as a kid. Snow patches, wild animals, plenty of space to run free? score!


Note she’s wearing rain boots. It was warm and slushy snow – plus I don’t have rain gear. It sometimes boggles the mind that just 3hrs away is snow and cold… meanwhile we’re wearing tank tops and shorts back at home! Anyhow- the girls ran and played with my mom’s little dog, stomped in snow, fed birds, and played with great grandma’s cool shells.

While I was there I got to pick out a quilt. (insert happy dance here) I’ve not had a quilt of my grandma’s for years (the girls both have baby quilts though) and I was very excited. She’s a master quilter. A true artist and her stuff is amazing. I picked a napping quilt.


That’s mostly hand stitched goodness – that’s how grandma rolls. Just another reminder that hand crafted goodness is always loved and appreciated.

Oh, I told grandma about my 1/2 stitched and 1/2 pinking shear trimmed curtains and she pursed her lips. (aka sign that grandma is not down with what you’re saying/doing) She would NEVER hang a curtain that wasn’t fully finished. I laughed and told her I like to live on the edge.

because that’s how I roll.

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  1. So lucky! Gorgeous quilt! Wish I could do that..but I don’t have any daughters…maybe someday….grandchildren?

  2. What a beautiful quilt. Your girls are lucky to have the memories of visiting grandma! Snow boots and all.

  3. What a beautiful quilt!! An amazing keepsake to treasure always. Loved the story about your grandma, very cute!

  4. It sounds like your grandma and my sewing-goddess grandma would get along great! Oh, and my Miss Em has those same boots – and she’s currently wearing them everyday…in the 90+ degree weather 🙂

  5. that quilt is a treasure….I have one from my grandmother that I got hold of after she passed away and I just treasure it so much. Your grandmother sounds like a character.

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