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So I never realized this but I’m a major mystery book fiend! I was chatting with Lainabout recommendations and that is when it hit me – the vast majority of my reading comes from the mystery section. Sure I enjoy a bit of paranormal, chick lit, suspense, and some romance too… but mystery is my home base.

These days I read at the gym during my 30-50 minutes of cardio. It keeps me focused on reading instead of complaining about my tired legs. Here’s the 3 books I read (and loved!) last month:


First up- hounding the pavement by Judi McCoy. The author is donating all her royalties to charity (a group that rescues animals) and when I saw that I grabbed it. I mean – mystery + dog + good cause? I’m in. It wasn’t the strongest mystery read ever, but it’s cute and I enjoyed reading about the heroine who can talk to the dogs she walks.


I avoid series that have a ‘cutsie’ catch to them (like hobbies or baking or gardening or…) and yet I keep running across JoAnne Fluke in my book shopping so I decided to give her a try. Her heroine is Hannah Swensen, a single girl living in MN who owns a cookie shop. She stumbles across a dead body  (who was eating her cookies!) and she vows to help her brother in law solve the case. Not only is the mystery and heroine great, but I also totally love that she puts recipes in the book too. Yum + fun.


This is #2 in the Hannah Swensen series and I loved it just as much as the first. I’m going to be working my way through them all for sure! You can see them all here: 

Oh, and for the record weight loss is nada for March. Yeah, went down 4 pounds then back up 5 pounds… I’m being good so it’s frustrating. I am ignoring scale and just trudging on my get fit lifestyle for now.

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  1. May if you’re in the mood for a light mystery try the scrapbook mysteries by Laura Childs. I usually can read one in just a couple of hours but she puts recipes and tips and tricks in the books. The lead character owns a scrapbook shop in New Orleans, is estranged from her husband, has two dogs and loves to eat cajun food. Plus she keeps getting herself involved in these mysteries that need solving.

  2. I ll have to check these books out – Im between reads now. As for the weight loss -yes ignore that nasty scale, your probaly making muscle now which does weigh more but you are getting in shape!!! Good Luck!!

  3. Mystery is my favourite genre also; I’ll definitely check out Judi McCoy. I just finished Lemon Meringue Pie Murder – the 4th or 5th in the Fluke series, I think. I find them a bit lightweight, but will say theyre either growing on me, or getting better as the series progresses! Yesterday I almost missed my streetcar stop – that’s a first, LOL.
    Another fluffy series I’m reading is one by Kate Collins; Abby Knight is the protagonist and she is a small-town florist.
    Nevada Barr writes a series about park ranger Anna Pidgeon; each novel is set in a different national park in the US. I really enjoy both the mystery, and the armchair visit to some of the US’ most glorious landscapes.
    My real love are mysteries set in the southwest, a part of the US that I feel an affinity with. There is a good series by J.A.Jance; not the JP Beaumont series but the Joanna Brady series beginning with Desert Heat. I think there are 13 books in the series so far.
    And my hands-down, all-time favourite series is by Michael McGarrity. Kevin Kerney is the central character in these novels described as police procedurals – the first is called Tularosa. These last ones are certainly grittier than the fluffy ones above, which IMO makes them better reads.

  4. Do you know about the Scrapbook series? And I bet any weight gain is water or muscle building. You are such an inspiration!

  5. I do the same thing! I get through a LOT of books while using the elliptical. 🙂 If it makes you feel any better…I’ve lost 2 lbs since January. That’s all. And I’m being SUPER good. Ugh.

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