oh Fiskars,

What would I do without your rulers, mats, and rotary cutters? Surely I wouldn’t be the amateur sewer I am today without you.


(my new curtains- that’s heidi grace fabric in the middle – created thanks to pinking shears and other tools by fiskars)

and speaking of tools, where would I be without these?


The butterfly punch so perfect and the super cool border punches to name a few.


Even if I didn’t work with you, I’d still love you.


Don’t even get me started on the adhesive. It’s my favorite by far.

Have I mentioned generous? Fiskars is, and I’ve got a three-pack of this fabulous adhesive + a punch to send to one of you. Just leave a comment here…

64 thoughts on “oh Fiskars,”

  1. I’m falling back in love with punches lately…Gotten some old punches out and bought a couple of new ones. I can’t help myself when there’s such lovely stuff available right now.

  2. I completely agree – I’m sold on the Fiskars punches and tape runners. The tape runners are by far my very favorite. I LOVE that you made that fun fabric into some curtains – I’m guessing for your studio? I’m hoping to pick up an apron lace border punch and a new squeeze punch at Joanns today (crossing fingers they’re there!)

  3. ooooooooooooo!!! my birthday is wednesday and it would be awesome to win! I hope I have good luck this week. If not, I just might be spotted at michael’s on wednesday gifting myself some fiskar’s punch love : )

  4. I have an addiction to Fiskars tools…specifically border punches. They are the king of tools as far as I am concerned.
    Your curtains are lovely by the way!

  5. Fiskars is always a company I will turn to for tools. I have used them in all aspects of my life from gardening to crafting. I have a hard time finding the tape runners so when I do see them, I stock up.

  6. yummy ! I so need adhesive! I have none! (ornery kids used up all mine!)

    I was thinking of you the other day , May ! I saw some adorable pillowcase dresses!

  7. I love this adhesive too and the punches for that matter…heck I love most everything fiskars!! Thanks for the giveaway..cool curtains!!

  8. My new favorite tool is the border punches. I have purchased several just in the last few weeks. I have never tried the adhesive but would love to.

  9. I fell in love with fiskars punches four years ago when I first started scrapbooking, have gotten away from them and am now back in love – especially the border punches which can add so much to a page

  10. Oh my…I love that butterfly punch. My Joanns are out the day they get them (i think there is some inside squeexe punch smuggeling going on). All I ever get to see is the little hooks hanging there all bare and sad. =( Thanks for a chance to win it and more lovely fiskars goodies.

  11. I’m with you May. Since I have become a Fiskateer, I can’t go into Joann’s or any other craft store without checking out their Fiskars goodies. I don’t know another company like them! Oh by the way, love the curtains!

  12. I LOVE Fiskars punches. They are so much fun and there are so many possiblities!!! You can never have too many punches. I have never tried their adhesive though…would love to get my hands on some to try! Thanks for the opportunity to win this give-away!

  13. Cute curtains May!! 🙂 I love the heidi grace materials..so cute..love them. Love Fiskars too…I love the tape runners..best out there..and I can’t find them anywhere!! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win.

  14. Those curtains are super cute! I’d love to try the Fiskars tape runners, I haven’t found one yet that sticks as well as I’d like and I use them for pretty much everything!

  15. Your curtains turned out so cute!! Love both of the punches. The adhesive is the best that I’ve ever used. Picked one up somewhere,used it, loved it, now I can’t remember where i got it!!

  16. Okay, I’ll be honest…I didn’t know Fiskars made a tape runner! Based on your testimonial, I’ll have to give it a try. I’ve been disappointed recently with the brand that has a little duck on it….I do love the Fiskars border punches though and have the Apron Lace one you posted. VERY cool punch that one is! The butterfly squeeze punch looks interesting. I haven’t tried those yet. What a great job you have that you can lust after the tools of your trade. I’m in the utility business and can’t claim to get to excited over light bulbs and fuses.

  17. Oh, yes. Fiskar’s tape runner is the best. I love them. Wish that I could find them closer to me. It would be great to winner these. thanks for the chance

  18. wowsers…….how generous….I love love love the tape runners……anyone wanna go 50/50? You get the punch and I get the tape runners if either of us wins…..heheheee. All I can do is ask, right?
    May, love those curtains….too too cute!!

  19. I love the fabric of your curtain. So cute! I love Fiskars too. I have never seen the butterfly punch before though. It is beautiful. An that green..oh….I’m drooling.

  20. Oh My Gosh I didn’t even know there was such a thing as Heidi Grace Fabric!!! I want some!!! Shows how beind we are here in New Zealand!
    How can anyone not LOVE Fiskars!!!

  21. The curtains turned out great. I’m need to start making some for the house but have been putting it off… I guess I need a trip to the store for a rotary cutter.

    And the adhesive – my FAVORITE!

  22. I love the border punches, but I’ve never tried the adhesive and would love to.

  23. I also love the adhesive and punches. i have been wanting that butterfly punch!

  24. I wish my sewing machine and I got along. There are so many things we could do:) I would love to try fiskers adhesive. I have been looking for a new brand

  25. Love the curtains! I used to sew all of the time then life got in the way. Lately I’ve been itching to begin again and so have dusted off the machine and plan on some projects over spring break.

  26. You know, I think our tools actually define us. I find myself drawn to specific ones over and over (have to always reach for die cutters and 3D pop ups). Just like doodling does…. (sort of a weird way to be defined…)

  27. May! Love the curtains and DO AGREE there is no scrapbooking possibility without Fiskars! I adore the threading water punch and i only own the circle and tag punches but adore it! I use it in all my layouts!! My tape is finished…. hope I could get some?? be well and thanx for the blog!

  28. I love the Fiskars too too! I just figured out how to use the threading water border punch and now am thoroughly addicted.

  29. May – I totally agree about Fiskars. I am highly addicted to border punches because of them!! I love ALL their new border punches and am now looking forward to the new summer punches!!

  30. I could not live without my Fiskars tools. They don’t sell the adhesive around here, but I have tried some & I love it.
    Your curtains look great by the way.

  31. I remember that cute print fabric from the post you had asking for suggestions what to do with it… it looks so pretty as curtains… and MUCH easier to make than the wall organizer that I suggested!
    I love Fiskars, too!

  32. I’m grateful to Fiskars as well…for my own new adventures in the sewing world…made easier by my Donna Dewberry purple scissors! 😉

  33. Cute curtains!! Please pick me! I could use the adhesive and I would LOVE one of Fiskars punches!

  34. Love that fabric. Great Color. Fiskars makes the best tools and I have been using punches on everything lately.
    I want to win!

  35. I too am in love with Fiskars…love the tape runner, punches and scissors…their product is so incredible. Plus they are very generous and I love that about them too.

  36. Can’t believe that I have never tried Fiskars tape runner…I thought I’d tried every adhesive out there! Will have to put it on my list of things to check out the next time in the craft store…do love Fiskars border punches, though! Great fun!

  37. Ya know- I didn’t even know that Fiskars made tape runners. And I’m a Fiskateer. #4601 thank you. 🙂 But I surely love their punches!!! O btw Sharon from frometheowlsnest sent me. Bye

  38. I have to agree with you. I love the tape runner. I go to use some for the first time when I got my demonstrator package and I’m absolutely in love with it. Nice strong hold. Love the punches by the way. Thanks for the chance to win.

  39. I love all things Fiskars and even treated myself to a new squeeze punch just last weekend! Would certainly LOVE to win another though!!! 😀

  40. Love my Fiskars tools and punches. Don’t think I’ve ever tried their adhesive but I’d love to give it a go.

  41. Ohh I love fiskars stuff too – the adhesive is the best I have ever used, I was sent one and use it sparingly incase it runs out before I find another to replace it.
    And those punches are just devine.
    What fun.

  42. Love the curtains May! I downsized my punch collection recently but have been collecting the basic shaped punches in larger sizes for projects.

  43. I am trying to become an amateur sewer-just need a sewing machine and someone to walk me through it. Now scrapbooking-I got that! And Fiskars has made my scrapbook life much better. Thanks Fiskars!
    Thanks for the opportunity to possibly get my hands on some more adhesive and the coveted All A Flutter!

  44. yeah adhesive! And I’m always thinking about sewing – got a machine for Christmas and it looks lovely. I just need to get the guts up to use it – it’s been so long!

  45. Your curtains are fab May – you go girl! I have to thank scrapbooking for my renewed interest in sewing; for a while there I didn’t even own a machine, then I invested in a wonderful Janome so I could sew on my pages (didn’t admit that to the salesman though!) and of course have been sewing other projects again, as well.
    After a few seasons during which punches languished all but forgotten, Fiskars is definitely responsible for their place once again in the spotlight. Love those border punches!

  46. Adorable curtains! I love the fabrics!
    And let me just say that I’ve become a total adhesive snob and the ONLY adhesive that I will use is Fiskars. Love the stuff! Go Fiskars!

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