If I was stranded somewhere and could only bring a few craft items, bet your last dollar that an American Crafts fine black slickwriter would be among my possessions. Yes, between that, the metal photo corners, and thickers A.C. makes my crafting a happier time and place.


These yellow thickers- how did I exist without them???


If you were here you’d find 11 slick writers, all fine tip, 6 of them black. I love them and use them that much. Oh, and probably too many metal photo corners and thickers too. I love A.C.’s other stuff too- but right now don’t have any. What’s up with that? I dunno… guess I should go shopping!

6 thoughts on “A.C.”

  1. I am loving Thickers too…and I don’t know why I have only just discovered them. I am in the process of collecting as many different letters as possible…you know when they go on sale.

  2. oooh the fine tip slick writers are also my favourite!! I keep getting more colours! Just got a brown this week and OMGosh it is now my favourite, black coming in a close second!

  3. I like the font on those thickers. I got a set of slick writers from QVC when I 1st started scappin’. They are great.
    Love your layout.

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