willingly drug around… and a sweet treat

This weekend has strong chances of rain, so today I let the girls run me all over a few counties doing fun stuff. (zoo, old town Sac, a scrapbook store, lunch, a bakery, the gym, costco….)

We started at the zoo for several reasons. I wanted to do something fun and new with them + I needed 1 more subject for my BPS class I’m finishing and zoo fit both! Sacramento zoo is TINY, but it was 1/2 off admission day so the price fit and we did have a good time. I asked a terrible lot from my girls- to sit next to each other for 1 photo…


E made mad face for every shot, and they’re all funny. Then I said “thanks Becca, let’s see if we can find some fun animals to check out for you!” and suddenly…


Yeah, I love 4 year olds much as I love 19 month olds. =)

Anyhow, it’s Friday night now and I’m still recovering from this day of activity and travel! I do, have something sweet to give one of you that  I picked up yesterday in Borders…


The chocolate + fake book cover CRACKED ME UP. If you’d like this novel chocolate bar (tee hee) just leave a comment here. Knowing me I’ll probably throw in a few other goodies too…

have a great weekend!

20 thoughts on “willingly drug around… and a sweet treat”

  1. That is just to funny. My kids are just like that, too. I love chocolate, that book is right up my alley.

  2. Sounds like a fun day at the zoo. I love the orangatans at the Sacramento Zoo! Too bad Fairytale town is only open Thursday to Sunday in the winter. That and the zoo can be a bit too much for one day for little ones, especially if Mom has errands. If you are in town on a weekend come by. There’s a little park and Jamba Juice nearby for the girls! Of course, chocolate! Don’t we all love it and share your addiction!

  3. I have a heck of a time getting my three boys to sit nicely for a picture. I’m hoping that once they are older it will get easier…probably wishful thinking on my part!

  4. I’m thinking it was a fun day with the girls! Meliah and I had a couple of those this past week while she was on spring break!

    That’s a cute little chocolate novel!

  5. HA! Now we know where that blog title comes from! Incredible how you find these things! But really, why give it away? Maybe we need to find some unique chocolate to send your way…hmmmm…..good thing you are not allergic to it!

  6. What’s up with Borders and the chocolates…I loved the Twilight Bars that came out last year and these are hilarious. Great find.

  7. You have a knack for finding the unusual (or it finds you)! A novel chocolate bar is soooo you. Funny how life has a way of dropping little funnies into our lives.

  8. Your girls are adorable. I bet you all had a fun zoo day!
    That chocolate novel is great. I had to do a triple take when I saw that!

  9. Oh the joys of getting 2 girls to co-operate. I have many photos where one or the other is displaying a less than ideal face, but I love them anyway, they are part of the memories.

    That novel chocolate bar is just too fun and the crafter in me wonders if the packaging could be reused as the cover of a mini book.

  10. That candy bar is too cute. It’s just like some of the scrapbook embellishment packaging. Some times you just want ot buy it for the packaging.

  11. I think small zoos are the best. Not so crowded, not so much to see that you get overwhelmed, and not so expensive that you have to save them for a special occasion. All good things. Almost as good as that chocolate bar ; )

  12. Oooh that chocolate is looking pretty yummy about now! Glad to know I wasn’t the only one that ended up at the zoo on friday!

  13. Yeah, sometimes I have a cranky niece on my hands who doesn’t want to smile-or she just wants to make funny faces.
    Love the chocolate “book”. Looks like something I can sink my teeth in 🙂
    Just finished “Plum Spooky”. Fun as usual!!!

  14. Is it OK if I eat the book? High fiber and no sugar, right? I need a good “read” to get my mind off food!

  15. Too funny! I wish we had Borders up here in Canada…

    Hey Margot, did you know that in New Zealand chocolate is sweeter than here in North America? Yep – I learned that on the Cadbury factory tour in Dunedin, NZ. Seems that Kiwis have an even sweeter tooth…

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