goin through the big D.

I have hesitated talking about this cranky subject, but I feel ready to share. The ‘big D’ I speak of is DIET.

I think it’s the ugliest word ever. But here’s the thing. I realize that have to make a choice and either 1) accept being pudgy 2) do the self-loathing thing whenever photos or clothing shopping crops up or 3) go hard core with diet/exercise and loose the baby weight

I’m choosing #3. I’ve been at this for a year now- well let me clarify- for a year now I’ve lowered portion sizes, become more aware of food choices, limited desserts, limited non-water beverages, and exercised 4+ times a week. That said, it hasn’t been enough and I’m 10lbs heavier than I was in June. Still 25lbs LESS than I was Feb 1, 2008… but it’s not good considering I’ve got a lot of weight to loose. I’m very vague on my goal since I just want to be a size 10 (or 8… a girl can dream!).

So how to do this? Well I’ve discovered there have been some ugly calorie leeks that are probably keeping me from weight loss. My night time creative sessions tend to cost me 500+ calories I didn’t even realize I was eating. Whoops. So now I’m going hard core diet girl and keeping a tight diet diary (ugly wake up call there) and a very limited daily allowance of calories (1300max), no eating after dinner (5p) except water or a single cup of nonfat milk, and 5+ visits to the gym a week. Will it work? If it doesn’t show any results after 30 days I’ll have to chat with some professionals. After all- this plan of mine came from the advice of the personal trainer I’ve worked with… and I shunned the plan in past.


As my Allison Strine magnet suggests, I prefer candy corn as a veggie of choice. That said- I’ve been at this a week now and I’m getting most cravings in check. If I need a bit of sweet I just make sure it’s small. Oh- and daily. If I didn’t I just know I’d explode in an ugly binge of chocolate and baked goods.

I’ll keep you posted. Here’s hoping for weight loss 2009!

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  1. Good luck! I’ve been trying the no snacking after dinner thing for a week now. I figured that that would be the least painful way to start. So much of what we eat between meals is out of habit or craving and not hunger. I think it real smart of you not to cut out sweets completely because I know for me, if I feel deprived of something then that’s all I think about & I end up eating even more of it. (This is coming from the sweet tooth queen). LOl

  2. I am on the same journey as you May .. I have just started going to the gym .. 2 weeks ago … and am trying hard to be good about what I eat but when your scrapping you need to be snacking!!! I am going to try to cut up stuff that is good to eat like carrot sticks and celery and put that on my table, I would much prefer other stuff but like you I have decided 18mths after the birth of my baby it is time to lose that baby weight!!!

  3. I feel your pain. Best wishes. That plan of yours seems a bit intense — hope it works for you. I wish I had a magic answer, but so far I am still searching. now? I have employed a trainer. I may even start seeing her twice a week. It does ensure that I make it to the gym.

  4. Oh, May! I am so there right now. I’ve been working HARD…and I mean HARD for 5 months now. I’m 12 lbs down. I’m proud, but at the same time disappointed as I should be about 24 lbs down. It’s been 2+ years since the babe was born and I weigh 4-5 lbs more than at my 6 week appointment.

    I find that if I keep my hands and brain busy at night (ie. watch a movie while knitting or scrapping) I can sort of control my night time food habits. This week I’m trying hard to drink at night rather than eat…which does make for more bathroom trips…but it’s helping! Best of luck!

  5. You are not alone! I’m always trying to come up with new plans for weight loss…keep us posted on how its going!

  6. It’s not easy May, I know. Posting on your blog should help keep you accountable.Sounds like you’ve got a good strategy in place, but it’s a long time to go without eating from 5pm, till next morning. Maybe you should plan a healthy snack a few hours after dinner – even a protein shake would be a good idea.
    Best of luck to you, though we all know LUCK is not involved, but hard work.


  7. We must all be thinking alike – I have started weight watchers again and in the last 3 weeks I have lost 15 lbs, just the start of a very long journey but so far it is going much better than I expected.
    I find the best thing is having someone do it with me (I have a friend at work who is doing this with me).
    Here’s hoping we all do well.

  8. Wish we lived closer so that we could go to the gym together!!

    I’m really, really happy with the eating habits that the Sonoma Diet has taught me. Whole foods. I’m up a few winter pounds, but I’m 100% clear on how to get rid of them.

    I’m rooting for you!

  9. Good luck to you, May. I am in the same boat as you. The baby weight is still here and my baby just turned 2. I am facing the big 4-0 this October and getting weight off isn’t easy. I have stopped eating anything after dinner, given up chocolate and diet coke (even diet drinks aren’t good for you from a weight loss perspective). I’m also training for a half-marathon. I have to say working and having 2 kids and house to take care of doesn’t make it easy to find time to exercise, but you have to make time for yourself.

    I wish you the best of luck. It’s hard work. Don’t feel like you’re alone. We’re all there with you!

  10. Good Luck, May! That is a real challenge. I finally decided I did not need to be the weight I was. I’m always giving medical advice to folk on how they might work on weight but did not do it myself. I finally made a commitment a few months ago and have lost 20 lb. I gave up all sweets except one diet coke a day, except on weekends. Yes, NO artificial sweetner either. ((Fruit is OK,) It was very hard at first but I kept reminding myself that I could have as much as I wanted on the weekend! Fortunately, a couple of weeks with decreased sweet foods make me more sensitive to sweets and even on the weekends I don’t eat much cause most sweet stuff is TOO sweet! Portion control is easier now, too. I hurt my knee in October too which has limited exercise so I’m hoping for more results as the knee is better and I can really start moving. I heard a geriatrician talking about getting older and he motivated me. He said that what we want most at 75-85 is what we want most at 15 and 16. Independence! Fifty percent of us will not have that because of our poor health, and weight contributes to a lot of poor health. So now, when I look at candy, I think “independence or dependence?” It helps!

  11. Good Luck, May!!! I feel the same way…baby #2 is now 3.5…guess it’s time to face the facts and get movin’ 🙂 🙂

  12. Good Luck May! You can do anything you put your mind too. I totally agree with NOT DOING WITHOUT a little chocolate and when you REALLY crave something – eat it-just in moderation.

  13. Boy diets are no fun and so hard…good luck and be happy. You are doing this for you and your family…wouldn’t want to lose you either.

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