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I am starting to feel a bit better- at least enough to do a bit of normal daily activity. I took some photos this weekend and thought I’d share-


I don’t know how good this is going to work… but at least the sewing area is clean-ish. I didn’t realize how much fabric I have that needs to be used. eek. guess I better get working on that. Here’s an apron pattern I want to work up, paper I want to scrap with, and a Fiskars punch (yes, a drool-worthy new CHA release!) I want to play more with.


My cousin sewed me the most wicked “M” shaped monsters for christmas. Here’s one that I get to see every time I’m crafting or on my computer.


I adore this postcard- so much so it’s been on display in here for years. I bought the spray of glittery hearts/balls on a whim at Michaels and I don’t know what to do with it. I may leave it sitting in a cup ‘o glitter just to be pretty. I do love pretty pink sparkly things.


Finally, I found this pair of lucky lady scissors. I was gonna save them for next Sunday (25th, 7pm PST) when I host a chat over at, but what the heck. Let’s give ’em away here and now!


I made a layout for “layout a day” andΒ I’ll share when it is officially up- for now here’s a sneaky peek…


Have a happy day- I’ll be crafting and back to share more with you tomorrow!

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  1. As always, I’m drooling over your pictures! I love all the fabric – I just went through mine and realized I could open a small fabric shop! Eeek! Time to get to sewing.

  2. I wish I could do aof your house!! All the little peeks you give us makes me think it’s fantastic!!
    Those scissors are just adorable!!!
    Thanks for the chance May πŸ™‚

  3. Oh how I need those fun wild girly scissors, I guess then I could share my other skull ones with the boys who are constantly eyeing them in my tool caddy. Can’t wait to see the new punches from CHA too.

  4. Your little table looks like it’s worked itself into the decor quite well May! That new punch looks interesting too! Can’t wait to see the fiskars layout, looks like a good one!

  5. your sewing area looks so nice and neat and all those pretty fabrics…….make me wish I could sew! Tho I am going to try pillowcases LOL!
    Thanks for the chance to win those too kewl scissors May!

  6. Love the scissors and also that punch! Hope you are feeling better. I also started Friday and still feel like crap today, sneezing, watering eyes, runny nose, ect…have a great day.

  7. The scissors are so cute. Love seeing your space. I enjoy seeing all the whimsical stuff that you have sitting around. very cute!

  8. Hi May – always so good to visit your blog. Hope you are well! I NEED THOSE PINK SCISSORS> No chance that I would get to buy them in South Africa!!! All the best with the cold! Pick me pick me!

  9. Your room is lookin good!!! You got a lot accomplished for being sick.

    I absolutly have to have those pink scissors – I didnt even know they came in pink!!!!! TFS

    Cant wait to get my hands on some of those new fiskars punches too!!!

  10. Congrats on a more organized room! YAY! I’m intrigued by that Christmas layout…hmm. Stay inside and CRAFT your heart out! It’s a holiday anyway…

  11. WOW!! Droolworthy is RIGHT! that punch is so cool…cant wait to see what you do with it πŸ™‚

    the scissors are super adorable!!

  12. Love those scissors! You are reminding me that I need to get working on cleaning up my craft area. I now have a sewing project that I wnat to attempt, but I need a clean workspace first.

  13. I can’t wait to get my hands on the new FISKAR punch. Yes, I agreed with you it is droolworthy. Seeing you organizing reminds me of my own mess in my closet. >Sigh<

  14. i love how much progress you are making.. I wish i had the time to get as much done as you have! I’m in progress though πŸ™‚ ROCK ON with all your new projects!

  15. Fabric is so pretty. It is all out to be seen. I am never good with stuff that is hidden. You will probably use this up soon. For me, I would have to worry about dust but I suppose if it were my space I could use those clear plastic 12 x 12 scrapbook boxes to store the fabric on the shelves. Anyone else have suggestions on how to make things visible but decrease dust? As always, love the blog and your great photos and ideas.

  16. It is great that you are feeling better!!! I’m gutting my craft room (taking Wendy’s class)…..your sewing area is great!

  17. I am so impressed with how your room is coming along, your little M monster is too cute.
    So are those scissors πŸ™‚

  18. I just love that apron pattern….please let us see when you finish that project…and from the sewing impaired…maybe you can RAK one…hehehehheee. Loving those scissors too!!

  19. I love the “M” monster…too adorable, especially since it was made for you by your cousin. I just love the extra touches you put on your LOs. Thanks for the close up sneak peak because it makes it easier to see.

  20. Good to hear you’re on the mend. I may have to quit visiting your site (NOT!)…first the Costco bench (mine had 2 in stock but they were a bit out of my range right now…will put them on my “something special” list) and now the Fiskar border punches. And I hadn’t seen the one you posted..looking forward to the Threading Water one without the holes. What’s a girl to do?? My husband simply cannot understand why I would want paper and “crafty stuff” over shoes and jewels. Keep the gems, give me a fabulous rub-on any day!

  21. Omg! I can’t believe you have some pink lucky lady scissors! And isn’t that new Fiskars punch to die for. It’s going to be on the top of my “gotta have it” list.

  22. How cute is that Monster. I am thinking about taking the jump into the sewing world. We will see.

  23. Just adding my voice those who just adore that apron and can’t wait to see the pattern made up. Where did you get it??

  24. Love those scissors, May. I wish you could come get my lazy self in gear to tackle all the projects I need to complete!Thanks for the chance to win!

  25. Your room is really coming together! And that apron pattern looks so Retro-Fun! Hoping I’m the “Lucky Lady” this time~thank you for the chance!

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