The presents are wrapped, the house is decorated, and we are ready for celebrating! I’d like to take a moment to share a few glimpses from around our house. Also, I encourage you to take a few minutes to walk around and capture some photos of details this holiday season you might otherwise not notice. You never know when that’ll make a great scrapbook page photo!



Due to Jason’s work schedule we’re celebrating everything a day early this year. So Merry Christmas Eve!! (tomorrow will be our Christmas)


I love this reindeer I got a few years ago…


the girls are crazy excited that the fun has really begun and that waiting is nearly over for the (carefully guarded) gifts under the tree.


I hope you have a wonderful Christmas- I’ll be posting photos, crafts, and more prizes all winter break!

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  1. My boys would go NUTS for that gingerbread train! They are on a real train kick right now, LOL! And it’s funny to see the “fence” around your tree because we use the same thing here to keep our little ones from destroying our tree! Of course we have only put up a few of the decorations, plan on doing the rest tonight hopefully! Enjoy your Christmas tomorrow May, my grandparents used to celebrate on Christmas Eve so that my mom and uncles could celebrate with their spouses on Christmas morning it’s one of my fondest childhood memories and a tradition that I miss terribly now that I am an adult and my grandfather has passed on. We still allow the kids one gift on Christmas Eve, it’s always pj’s that are holiday themed. They get to open them after mass and then wear them so that they wake up in festive pj’s! Last year I cheated a bit and put them all in their pj’s one night and took them to Kiddie Kandids and we did a photo shoot of them in pj’s for a special gift for my husband but I still wrapped them up after that and gave them to them. It was so special because it was the last year I was able to get 3 matching pairs, my daughter has since moved onto a different size and by the time I’m able to get them into matching pj’s again they’ll probably all groan at me! But thanks to a photo ornament from Kiddie Kandids we’ll always remember the last time they all matched.

  2. LOVE the pics! We’re making our gingerbread house tomorrow – so that it’s fresh to eat the next day (my hubby’s request!). Have a very merry Christmas!

  3. I love the baby gate around the tree LOL. Those days were fun! We didn’t use a gate, so our ornaments never stayed on the tree. The little bunny and the little tin train were favorites.

    Have wonderful Christmas!

  4. TFS! I love the picture of your daughters. My boys are so excited too! Have a wonderful day and enjoy!

  5. I love your baby gate around the tree!! That would have saved me hours of “no, we aren’t opening gifts yet” if the kids couldn’t actually reach them! Our ornaments start at about 2 1/2 feet from the ground this year. You have inspired me to snap some pix while th ekids are occupied and/ or sleeping… Hope you have a very Merry Christmas

  6. I love the baby gate around the Christmas tree. I need to do that with an 18 month old and a cat. I don’t know who’s worse on the ornaments. Merry Christmas May, thanks for the fun blog.

  7. You totally look ready! And I am dying to get my hands on that metal reindeer……….would love to alter the heck out of that! ROFLOL

  8. Well it is Christmas Eve here in New Zealand as well, we are all ready to go tomorrow and I can’t wait. I love Christmas as much as any kid.
    I hope all your Christmas wishes come true.

  9. Yes, it does look a lot like Christmas at your house! My favorite photo is of the girls…I guess I’m extra emotional because of the holiday, but it choked me up how little Sister reached up to hold her big Sisters’ hand… (maybe she was reaching up to remove Sissy’s hand from her shoulder ~?~), but those happy faces and their hands together say “love”!
    Merry Christmas to the Flaum Family!

  10. How fun & festive. I miss having all the excitement of little one’s. DS used to head off to bed Christmas Eve around 8 up until he was 11 or 12 because he was so excited, he’d feel sick to his stomach. Then of course he’d be up half the night watching the clock and would go as far as setting his alarm for 6 am (I refused to get up before then lol) just in case.

    Now at almost 23, the excitement is pretty much gone although he does still get excited about opening his pressies. lol

    Have a wonderful Christmas. All the best to you & your family. Merry Christmas!!

  11. Merry Christmas – how fun to have little ones waiting for Santa. This goes by quickly! First they have to be old enough to “get” the concept and then before you know it they’ve figured it all out. My son figured out Santa when he recognized the wrapping paper on Santas gifts was the same paper he saw me use on friends and relative gifts – always was a bright boy! We weren’t successful for long with the Tooth Fairy either.

    Do tell…did you make that gingerbread train or purchase it? You are just too talented girly!

  12. i hope you had a fabulous day! we celebrated christmas number one with my mom’s side of the family tonight. tomorrow will be with my sister, and friday will be with my dad’s side. so much excitement. :]

    i’ve been trying to remember to take some detail photos, but as of yet i’m not doing so well. maybe tomorrow…

    oh and i so love the way rebecca is holding elizabeth’s hand in the last photo! it’s seriously adorable!

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