pretty as a picture for Monday


Here are two of many things I’ve been working on (and putting up) on my etsy shop. (  I’ve been putting more and more fun stuff in there. (eta.. both items pictured sold! But I’ve got more similar stuff going up…)


and here is my nominee for cutest sweater ever. Gymboree, why don’t you make this in women’s sizes???


and oh help me Rhonda but the girls and I shared one of these just last week. It’s toffee, chocolate, almond covered apple.


Finally, I leave you with some pretties I’m currently working with…


Happy Monday!

12 thoughts on “pretty as a picture for Monday”

  1. Everything thing looks so YUMMY, not just the apple. I love the green ribbon with the pink heart pin. Love the stuff you have. Have a great week.

  2. That apple looks like “death by chocolate”….yummy! Lovin all your other goodies & projects. Happy Monday to you too!

    It’s snowing again here so I think that I’ll just stay put where its nice & warm. Plus I don’t like having to deal with the icy, slippery roads either.

  3. I love all the embellishments you use! I have not seen the WISH tickets LOVE those. That apple looks sooo good.

  4. I wish gymboree would get into the whole mother/daughter look. A lot of their stuff is so cute and sometimes I just want to be cute along side my daughter.

    I am craving that apple so bad… that was not very nice, there are not any sweet shops where I live.

  5. That apple is making me hungry..looks absolutely divine!

    It is the cutest sweater ever…we have that and the matching hat here…it was my favorite outfit of my daughters last year and am so glad it still fits her this year.

  6. OMG – i’ve never wanted an apple soo bad right now.. My dentist would hate me after eating that.. Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory?

  7. That sweater is very cute & I agree, they should make them in adult sizes. That apple looks yummy. It looks like one I got from the Rocky Mt. Chocolate factory when I lived in CA.

  8. Buttons, buttons, who has the buttons? MAY!

    The power of suggestion is strong…my substitute? Apple slices with organic peanut butter (no hydrog. oil), and a little drizzle of Hersey’s Chocolate syrup…yeah, I know not the same, but it was pretty good!

    Too bad they don’t have your size, but at least you have girls that can wear darling little outfits. Look in the boys department, (a fraction of the size of the girls’) …. feel a little better?

  9. Oh my goodness, I haven’t had dinner yet and I am REALLY wanting that apple…yummo!

  10. I’ve thought the same way about Gymboree!! They have the cutes sweaters…and everything!! My favorite is the corduroy pants with colorful buttons on the bottoms!! HOW CUTE!!! My DH can’t wear them yet because they are so big (they’re 18-24 months and she’s 21 months old…it’s killing me!! I want her to wear those cute pants!!)

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