the tower: finished!


THis is the present tree I was inspired to try and recreate (at target- you can see it here) I’m thrilled to tell you I just finished mine!!! (you can see part 1 & part 2 if you want to see the beginning stages)


Now that I found my hot glue gun I can assemble it. WOO HOO! I glued that dowel down (and used a LOT of hot glue. Then I filled/packed that base full of foam peanuts I had laying around for a little support. I also put the first gift on the tower low enough that it touches the base, and I used plenty of hot glue on the spots it touches so that it’s more stable.


then I just went a building, making sure I was generous with glue and not worrying about details (yet)


When I got to the top I cut out two stars (thank you Fiskars template + UltraShapeXpress tool!) out of paper. I barely adhered them to the tippy top of the dowel so that I could shove ribbon in between them to make a bow for top.



At this point I started worrying I wasn’t going to like the results. (and I stopped taking pics) But I was wrong! Some paint, flowers, and ribbon later and I was back in business.


I am back in love with the quick ‘n easy solution to so many crafting issues (hot glue!) but remember- hot glue is dangerous stuff!!!


so here is the final tower-


and there it is. My tower! I’m happy with how it came out, and look forward to enjoying my creation all season. I know it’s a busy season, but really this didn’t take all that long (3-4hrs total?) and it was broken down over several days. I’m off to find something else to  make merry and bright…

19 thoughts on “the tower: finished!”

  1. Your pile-of-presents Tower turned out really great! I love verticle decorating~you get a lot a bang for a little “footprint” of space!

  2. It looks great, its amazing what you can do with a few odds and sods some ribbon and hot glue.

  3. Love your Gift Tower. I wasn’t sure what you were talking about in the beginning & just couldn’t wrap my mind around it. The finished results are awesome! Great Job May!!!!

  4. Seriously, it looks great. I couldn’t picture it as you were working on it and now I am like, Wow! I wish I could see things as see the future potenial they have.

  5. That turned out to be super cute! I like yours better than the Target version.

    By the way, I’m in your BPS class and have the pre-class handout. I’ll get working on gathering pictures and layout ideas. I’m so excited. It will be fun!

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