A seasonal scrapbooking class by me!

Now if you’re thinking that you don’t “do” seasonal stuff… think again! We’re talking about all kinds of fabulous stuff that happens (and deserves to be scrapbooked) throughout the year, and it’s a lot of fun. I’ll be back (gotta run!) to chat more about the class and answer q’s if you’ve got them!!!

Hope to see you in ’09 in class!!!

4 thoughts on “announcing:”

  1. I didn’t even take the time to read the rest of your message May because I was in such a rush to run over to BPS and sign up! Yay another class with May! Of course I also emailed a buddy from the recipes class so that she knows it’s coming up too! Oh and I got your book today, it’s fabulous!

  2. This class sounds really cool, with times hard this year , I am thinking my husband can get me this for Christmas, its what I am asking for anyway–and using our own stash—that rocks!!
    You know what is funny, I did the listening part–because I havent slept in 2 days(working nights–keeping my kids during the day and we are all sick–yay…yuck)and realized that I have never heard your voice before…this may sound stupid–(see note above no sleep)but it sounded just had I pictured it…lol sorry I know i am silly–have a great day-
    oh -is there a limit to sign up?? I have never done anything like this before. Dont want it to sell out if so. thanks

  3. Sounds like another awesome class. I’ll have to see in the New Year what our dollar is like now that its dropped again.

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