That’s how I describe my weekend. I did check in to my e-mail occasionally, but mostly we just enjoyed each other’s company, ate, watched football, and decorated.


No work, no crafting, no worries.


Elizabeth even had a pj’s day today while we decorated our tree.

In other words- one great weekend. I’m going to go eat the last of the pumpkin pie and finish putting the decoration boxes away. Hope your weekend was just as great!

7 thoughts on “unplugged”

  1. Cute pictures! Glad you got started decorating….I usually decorate this weekend too, but I was too tired…so I am hoping we’ll get it done next weekend!

  2. Those are such great photo’s !! We did outside decorations this weekend, now to start inside and we’ll go cut a tree this coming weekend, if not before.

    We had a great Thanksgiving weekend full of good , fun family time!

  3. That is such a sweet photo-what beautiful memories it will bring. I envy you those gorgeous girls. I love my boys but in my old age, I am missing not having a daughter.

  4. Great pics May! So glad that you had some family fun time. I have to agree with Miss E, PJ days are the best! I love her pj’s too!

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