stay tuned!

Ok, if you’re like me you are so NOT cruising the blogs much this week. But wait! In the next 24hrs I’m going to put up a doozy of a prize. Or two. I’ll then leave it open the whole holiday weekend, k?

Oh and yep. Totally stalling here and posting this because I am soooo crazy busy right now it’s bursting! Gotta get back to cards, kids, homemade gifts, and gift wrapping…

PS- totally KNOW I’ve got some fun projects in progress to finish and share too. However got a lot of stuff hittin’ that ‘ol fan right now and have to put out the fires first! (if you know what I mean) I’ve not been in my studio for days but I will be soon, and after Thanksgiving I’ll be posting plenty!

7 thoughts on “stay tuned!”

  1. Tis the season to be busy…..I’m working on trying to get some cards done so my mother can give them as gifts to her sister & friend who are both in retirement homes. Then I’ve got my own cards to create, 2 Dec birthday’s, gifts to make (got to finish 4 more Paper Doll Canvas’s) plus I’ve finally started my altered “record album book” that I told you about some time ago. Plus I’m also reading my last Plum series book….now that I’m “plum” out of books I’ll have to find a new author to get hooked on. lol

    Can’t wait to see what you’ve been up too.

  2. Exciting, I’ve got shopping, company and more company. Fun weekend ahead. I should start cleaning instead of this. But this is so much more fun.

  3. That’s one reason I can’t get anything done…blurfing!

    I am not here…you don’t see me, right? Ok..gotta get those pumpkin rolls made ! Oven is preheating.

    Have a good one , May!

  4. Why oh why do we stress out on all this baking stuff. . . I have 4 count them 4 things of fudge to make 2 pecan pies and 1 sugar free apple pie which is what I can have. . . and yet I a here I don’t want to start as I know i will be in the kitchen for two days straight and I am not doing the whole meal those poor ladies.

  5. Don’t I know it! Not much blog surfing this week for me. Family coming into town, my son turns 2 on Friday, etc. LOTS to get done! Looking forward to seeing what you’ve been working on. How’s the centerpiece coming?

  6. Like you I’m getting a little crazy busy…also having computer issues. My husband getting ready to unplug everything. Hopefully I’ll be back online soon.

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