While I’ve been note-taking, reading, listening, and learning… I’ve been slacking in actual creating when it comes to Cathy Z’s awesome BPS class I’m in right now. Last night I decided to work on a current assignment. I was supposed to do an 81/2 x 11 spread, but I wasn’t feelin’ it so I rule broke. Don’t tell- ok?


Just an overview of Halloween 08- loved the mixing and matching of so many goodies!


Well I’m heading back to work and play- have a wonderful week!!

8 thoughts on “homework.”

  1. i didn’t know you guys had a jack skellington jack-o-lantern too!
    the coffee penguins and the jacks… i love it. :]
    we must be secret sisters or something. ha.

  2. I love how you mixed different products! I love it when I can pull everything together for a layout. How do you attach the felt pumpkin border? I always end up stapling it because I can’t find a glue that will hold it down. Help!? 🙂

  3. Cool layout and your Jack Skellington pumpkin RULES! E and Becca are just so sweet and cute.

    Miss ya girlie! We’ve moved and so happy to be in the new place. Now I can breathe and start getting caught back up on life again.

    Happy to see your blog! Hope to see YOU soon!


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