diy: titles

This is a very simple technique that you CAN do. You so can make your own titles. any size, shape, style, and out of any paper or fabric. It’s budget friendly too!

My #1 suggestion is to practice first on scratch paper for a while until you are feeling good. Then move to ‘real’ paper and cutting out your titles. Ready to try?


Using a stylus or other tool that will make slight mark/indentation write your title on the front of paper you intend to use. Use just enough pressure so it will show through to the back. Note: if you are good at writing backwards you could skip this step.


Next- can you see (just above stylus) the “hi” indentations ever so slightly? That is going to help you draw your title now. My #1 mistake is drawing letters (like e) the wrong way if I skip the first step. So now I know how my title will look backwards.


Now use a pen or pencil and lightly sketch out the outline of letters you want. Note that I have a lot of lines as I write and re-write how I want it. Just be careful not to get heavy handed here (you don’t want lines to show through to front side of paper).


now for the part I do while watching TV. Cut out the letters with a craft knife or a rockin’ pair of microtip scissors like these.

I hope you try this- it’s lots of fun. If you don’t like your handwriting you can use a computer font too. I think I’m going to go make a layout using this technique, and when I come back to share it tomorrow I’ll bring a give away. (hint: scissors + craft knife!)

8 thoughts on “diy: titles”

  1. Sound good to me. I am waiting to see thefinished project. I am going to print this and try it later.

  2. Great tips! When I first started scrapping, I wrote out all my titles & hand cut them with my fav Fiskars #8 scissors. Now days I’ve gotten lazy with all the choices with chipboard, stickers, rubons, etc. lol

  3. I’ve been printing out sentiments here lately, just because I don’t really have any worthy of what I want to say !

    Good technique to learn by!

  4. great tip! i think i saw something similar on an episode of Fiskars TV…i have been using my computer to print out the fonts backwards on the back of my patterned paper…it works great!

  5. Gee, everyone else seems to get it, but I’m sittin’ here witha question mark floating over my head. Is the scrap paper a pattern for a title? Why don’t you want the heavy line to show through from the back (since it is the practice scratch paper?)…. I’ll come back and probably smack my forehead and say “da!” when you show us more!

  6. I did something similar to that a while ago for a card I made because I didn’t have a stamp with the sentiment I needed. I’m interested to see how yours comes out for a title!
    Very cool what “calonghorn” mentioned about the fonts backwards on the back of patterned paper. I’ll have to tryt hat one!

  7. Great idea, I love cutting things out by hand, and especially doing it in front of TV, it keeps my hands busy and stops me looking for snacks.

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