teacups and saucers

Sometimes a little luxury can go a long way into making something better. Currently I’m working hard to reduce calories in my diet. Not fun! Well, it will be fun when I can wear smaller sizes, but for now it’s not so fun.

Anyhow, one thing I’m doing is brewing up pots of tea and then drinking my (unsweetened) tea in a pretty teacup.


Just a little elegant touch to my afternoon that brings a smile to my face. Plus- the teacup and saucer just feels right when crafting.

7 thoughts on “teacups and saucers”

  1. I love tea..though I must admit, my hot tea needs to be sweetened! I drink ice tea , unsweetened.

    Surrounding yourself with pretty things that make you feel good is a fabulous idea! I think we should all remember that!


  2. May you remind me of my friend (who is also my grandkids greatgrandmother). We go visit her every other Saturday or Sunday and we drink coffee. She always has the pretty coffee cups with matching saucers.

  3. When my mother got married they had a cup & saucer shower for her. It used to be a popular thing back then. She has so many beautiful cups & saucers. She doesn’t use them much now days & actually I think that the last time she used them was when she “read” tea leaves. (she used to read tea leaves as a business). Somehow it does make the tea taste better & the drinker feel special.

    I know what you mean though, I love drinking my orange juice out of a fancy “wine” glass. Somehow it makes it taste so much better. lol

  4. When drinking tea, I like a splash of milk (no sugar ). Being Canadian, we don’t say hot tea. Tea means hot. We only specify iced tea. I learned the hard way in the US.

    I have the same dishes – a whole entire set of Old Country Roses. A little fussy but I like the table when it is fully laid with my china.

    Enjoy your tea!

    PS – my go to “low cal” drink in the evening is Celestial Seasonings tea. Feels like I am having something special but without calories or caffeine.

  5. Reminds me of the the cup and saucer collection that my Mom had. When she passed away she had enough of them for each of us 4 girls and each of her granddaughters to have one. I know that I cherish mine.

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