I have three personal assistants.

well, virtual assistants. They improve my quality of life, I am totally addicted, and don’t know what I would do without them. Therefore I’ve decided they are virtual assistants. Sweet, no? Let me share, as they could be yours too…

1. Google Reader. your blog (assuming I subscribe) gets an update? I know. I read. Enjoy… all from my homepage.

2. www.amazon.com  The temptresses at amazon know how to enable me when it comes to books and have introduced me to authors and series that I wouldn’t have otherwise found. Of course rating books is VITAL for this to work, but the recommendations are really good, and I generally LOVE books I get. Can I tell you how I adore logging on (more often than I care to admit) and seeing what “welcome back May, we suggest…” is new? Love it. Knowing about pre-order books? Love it. I’ll probably blog about it even more I love it so much.

3. My newest assistant, www.pandora.com was introduced to me by Angela Daniels just yesterday. We were chatting on the phone the other day and she mentioned it… and I was intrigued but forgot. Then yesterday I looked it up and whoa. How did I ever type on this computer in silence? I ask you how? It’s FREE, you start with any artist or song and build your own radio station. Oh man. SO FUN AND ADDICTIVE! Then, they will put songs with similar qualities and you can further customize by thumbs upping your faves, thumbs downing ones you don’t like (they won’t play again!), and adding more ‘seed’ artists/songs to your station. Oh- and you can also have more than 1 station.

I’m hooked. I have 4 stations now, and it’s awesome. AWESOME. go try it.

I’m off to watch TV and ‘veg out’ for the night. Haven’t done that in forever!

7 thoughts on “I have three personal assistants.”

  1. just love love love Pandora…..thanks for the info May…now off to build more stations!!

  2. i love pandora too. i used to listen to it in the lab because i could ensure that nothing too crazy would come on as long as i picked my artist well. i was always worried that if i just put the iPod on shuffle & plugged it into speakers, knowing my luck a song would come on and make everyone raise their eyebrows and look at me funny. :] at least on the off chance that would happen with pandora, i could just blame the computer, and say that i didn’t pick the song. haha.

  3. Just have to chime in about Pandora. I absolutely love it! I MUST listen to it on the computer when I am in my scrap room. I can’t tell you how many times I say, “oh, I can’t stop now, I have to hear the rest of this song”. It is SO cool!

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