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I like brads. They add a decorative element to my page, dimension, and not to mention they can attach something (ribbon, paper, flowers…). Since I use them so often I save them separate- and they’re on my desk within reach (without having to stand).


All my little brads are in this little cup. Once in a while I have to dump it out to find a specific brad, but that’s rare. MUCH easier than storing small brads in their packaging! (I’m a big fan of getting rid of packaging asap!


this is an oversized martini glass my mom bought me years ago. I used to have beads in it. but now I  keep all those over-sized brads I collect. Works good, and mostly I leave them on their cards until I’m ready to use.

6 thoughts on “brads”

  1. I love brads too. But I never thought of storing them in a cup like that. I think I’ll try it. I can’t stand having a million different packages for them, but I haven’t had a chance to fix the problem. Thanks, May.

  2. I like your idea. It keeps them handy as well as lending a little decoration to your scrap space.

  3. Funny, I noticed that little “bowl o brads” when you posted your newly organized scrap space. I store mine in spice jars (by color family no less!). Anal? YES it is!!! Maybe I’ll be inspired to go wild and mix ’em all up in pretty bowl in 2009! Definitely lovin’ the martini glass big brad storage…

  4. You know one of the things I love best about your blog besides you of course is that you take such wonderful pictures to share with us. . . oh to have a desk to have a pretty cup or glass to have my brads in!

  5. I love brads too! Of course since my space is limited and my kids love to dump things I have to keep mine in confined containers. Baby food jars work quite well!

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