send a note.

Here’s my idea: Go mail a letter, a present, a photo, a simple note, anything… and send to someone you know who could use a little happy (surprise) mail.

then come on back and leave a comment here letting me know you’ve done it. On Sunday (9th) I will draw at least six names and send YOU a wee bit of happy mail! (acrylic stamp? sticker? something that fits in a standard envelope…)

Have fun, and help me spread some happy mail!

27 thoughts on “send a note.”

  1. funny you should mention this – I just took 2 thinking of you cards to the mailbox this morning – just to let people know I am thinking of them.

  2. I just mailed out a card to my God Daughter to let her know I was thinking about her. I try to send happy mail once a month to her so she knows she it thought about!

  3. I just sent one a few days ago to a friend who is recovering from a surgery. Thought she could use some happy mail!

  4. Yesterday I mailed a thank you card out to a Fiska lead & today I’ll be mailing out a thank you card to my secret sister from a swap onthe Fiska site. No matter who you are I think everybody always enjoys getting some happy mail and when it’s a surprise it’s even better.

  5. Oh Random Acts of Kindness! Or RAK’s as my scrapbook group calls them! I just sent off a cute little goodie to a scrapbook friend who hasn’t been able to create in awhile because her hands have been bugging her. I sent her a cute little mini album that she can put pictures of all her kids and grandkids into and carry in her purse to show off.

  6. I just mailed a praying for you note to a dear friend of mine. She lost her dad just a few weeks ago and all of the family have now gone home. I hope this lifts her spirits to know that someone is thinking about her and praying for her.

  7. I just sent a few notes out – some rak’s and a few to family and friends who have helped me thru some tough times. Oh and also a card to my 92 year old grandma just because I love her.

    What a great idea this is – more love in the world must make it a better place.

  8. I made a card for my brother’s birthday, belated but none the less. I’m sure he isn’t expecting it, so it will be fun to hear what he thinks.

  9. I just sent a card in the mail to a co-worker who I think could use a hug. I will also be away from home next week and am already planning the postcards I will be sending home to my boys.

  10. I am forwarding some fiska-love from a fiska-lead’s RAK. Looking to add to our Fiska-family!

  11. This is something I do quite a bit. I know how good it feels to get something in the mailbox!

    I mailed out several cards yesterday and will mail a couple more tomorrow…gotta put a little something in them first!

  12. What timing – I have some little pick me up’s that I am about to send off to a friend tomorrow.
    Its so nice to get random notes/surprises in the mail.

  13. I have sent a letter to a friend in Wellington NZ who I owe a letter from a LONG time ago! I have also decided I’m going to sit down and make a few Thinking of You cards and send them out to friends I haven’t heard from in a while, life gets busy with our own families I believe some olf friends get forgotten 🙂

  14. I sent my sister some skateboarding stickers for her son’s scrapbook and two pictures I had of him from our last visit – hope it makes her smile

  15. Yesterday I mailed a book on swords to my BIL. My son saw it at his book fair and asked if we could get it for his uncle as he knew he was interested in swords. I wanted to save it for XMAS but my son wanted to send it now so we did.

  16. I sent out a card to my friend in Wisconsin. I haven’t talked to her in a long time!! Hopefully she’ll call and we can set up a visit soon. (I know…I can call her, too!)

  17. My neighbor discovered a serious leak that lead to dry rot, dangerous mold, and some serious deconstruction of their house. So, I sent over a “happy” scarecrow to let them know that they are not alone and a challenge card I had made. We all need some love don’t ya think?

  18. I’ve always loved making & doing little things to surprise someone. I just took in some home made goodies to my mother who is recouperating at a local retirement home from knee replacement surgery. If everything continues to go well, she’ll be home this weekend. My brother, sister & I have decided to split the cost of the monthly service for the Lifeline for her (she’s 84). Its a necklace that she’ll wear & if there’s an emergency, all she does is push the button & help will get there.

    I also had some enlargements made of some pics that I took that I will give to various family members as I know that they’ll love them. Today I have a card that I made to send out to a GF to cheer her up.

  19. sent my dad a sweat little note just had surgery and been off work and needed a pick me upper

  20. This was harder to do than I thought it would be… talk about procrastinating! Yikes! I owe almost everyone I know a letter, a Thank you card or a sympathy card (doing good in the Birthday card department)… so they were not “surprise” Happy Mail. There was obligation involed. Except my oldest friend (that I’ve known the l-o-n-g-e-s-t ) owes me a card. Since last Christmas. We don’t keep in touch as well as we should, so it was PERFECT! Thanks for the push. I owe you a Damask Truffle with fake candy “brads” on it!

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