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Reading through my favorite blogs this morning (oh how I love google reader!) I was really struck with something Stacy Julian had to say:

Let go. Stop making this so hard. Stop worrying about whether you are doing it right or whether you are good enough or whether you have the right stuff you need or whether you can keep up or whatEVER. If your pictures and stuff aren’t organized, do something about it. Stop procrastinating and JUST START telling your stories. Long stories, short stories, stories from this past summer and stories from when you were little. Stop leaving blanks on your pages where you will go back and add journaling. STOP that right now. Start using your own imperfect handwriting and stop thinking it will ruin your page.
My goodness girls there is so much good that happens in and through this amazing hobby. Let’s just decided to let go and let it happen.

ย This rings so true to me, and such a good reminder to just do it.

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  1. Yeah, she’s talking about me too. I’m the girl who leaves her journaling for another time. I’ll try to do better :o)

  2. I just read her blog post with this in it – and you know what, i’m horrible at BOTH.. The journaling is the hardest part for me, i never know what’s the right thing to say or not or and i hate my hand writing LOL… Ohh and then the other Organizing/Cleaning, boy I’m trying to make sure i’m organized right now and actually ORGANIZED and not just enough to start crafting again ๐Ÿ™‚ We shall see how it goes, thanks for these words, i’m going to head home and start putting stuff aways..

  3. mmm. love the quote. :]

    another trip would be nice… i need to go to ikea too, so i could hit that up on the way.

  4. That’s perfect – I think we are all guilty at one time or another of leaving a blank for later, but not any more I promise.

  5. wow so well said. I do this all the time. The more I spend on this hobby- online, cruising blogs, buying magazines- the more critical I get about my own stuff. But then I get over it because when it comes down to it i make the BEST pages because it’s my kids/family in them (and they are the cutest too lol) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Well said! It’s funny because when I started scrapping in 2004, I was forever looking in magazines & online at other peoples pages. I got really discouraged because I never felt mine were good enough. I put so much pressure on myself over this that I turned to card making & didn’t scrap for 2 yrs.

    I forgot that I was scrapping for me & my son (who is 22 & always says my pages are great ). I don’t think I’ve ever held back on the journaling as I do love to tell the story behind the pics. Lately I’ve been adding a lot of hidden journaling if the page doesn’t really provide much room for the story. That’s one of my reasons for scrapping. If I don’t tell the story while I’m here, who will tell the stories when I’m gone? I’m the keeper of most of my son’s childhood memories.

  7. I saw that post on Stacy’s blog. It is so true. When I first started scrapping I was very worried that I was doing it wrong especially after I saw what others could do. But I have slowly gotten over that. Now if I had more time to scrap!

  8. I pasted this into Word and printed it out. I posted it at my scrapdesk so I can read it and remind myself that IT IS OK. I paralyze myself into doing nothing because I worry if I use this perfect paper or embellishment now I’m going to wish I had it later where it would be “more perfect”. I have to remind myself that years from now (or even today) my family won’t know that I could have used a “better” paper combination when I documented our lives.

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