a day in photos

Well it’s Tuesday and Jason is home (hooray!) so I’ve decided to make today the photoshoping and uploading of photos to be ordered day. It’s also going to be post office, birthday present shipping, and dusting day. In sorting through photos (ones I’ve taken, ones I’ve had to upload for work, etc…) I found some I thought I’d share this morning.

First of all, this is crepe suzette’s pony (from strawberry shortcake). For the record strawberry shortcake toys can NOT be found around here so thank goodness for ebay stores. Elizabeth earned her as a special treat, and I am sure I’m going to hear “when is crepe suzette’s pony coming?” about 10,000 times over next 2-3 days until she is here. E has never gotten a S.S. toy before… so she’s pretty pumped.

next up this is the POTD (project of the day) over at www.fiskarscrafts.com. Lisa Storms made this christmas planner… and I’m thinking it’s about time I made my own!! Got a lot of homemade goodness and such to get started on soon!!


Rebecca can now sit/climb down the stairs… which is a HUGE relief. Now I don’t have to freak if she is upstairs because she knows how to get down! (go ahead girl- get down!)

While I love getting my photos sorting, deleting, and editing a few isn’t my favorite task when there are so many other fun things to do! However- finding photos like this of E and my sister… well I love it. So I’m off to edit land and to see what other treasures I uncover. I’ll be back with a layout, and later in the week a prize…