lily lightly + so what

Hooray! Got a “no pressure” layout done this afternoon, and it feels great to be productive creatively again. By no pressure I mean it’s totally 110% just for fun, no expectations and not even possibly for any assignment or anything. So fun!!! Since left to my own choices I always choose GIRLY colors and styles- this was pure joy and I went so crazy I even put hearts above the i in the title. awww. (more glitter! bring it!)


Ok, so Elizabeth gets a new pony every now and then- this one was special from daddy. We ordered her up on-line and had to wait and wait… but when she finally came it was a BIG event and she is extra special because her horn lights up and she has a cape and SHOES!! (the stuff of girly dreams!) I used my german glass glitter (yeah!) to accent, as well as my nifty scallop trimmer blade, some heidi grace flowers, doodlebug ribbon, and YUM american crafts glitter letters to name a few things. Oh those glitter letters. I knew I’d need purple ones some day.

Another favorite used on this was my pink slick writer (American Crafts). I swear by these things! The fine point I have about 5 black ones (in case I loose some!) and then a few colors too. They’ll write on darn near anything, and often I use them on photos or those slick journaling stickers that nothing else works on. LOVE them!

While crafting this afternoon I listened to Pink’s new-ish single “so what”… and I’ll tell you it’s stuck in my brain!! If you want to sing along with me you can check it here. 

Have a happy weekend!

4 thoughts on “lily lightly + so what”

  1. Love the LO and I so remember when my niece wanted a pony more then anything ever but boy have they gotten much more then when she was little!

  2. ahhhhh yes! as a momma of two girls I remember those little pony days…lol….treasure them….they are gone before you bink your eyes!! 🙁

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