Monday, winners, draft, and more.

Thoughts from within my models minds:

E: I want to go to Olive Garden, NOW.

R: Look, it’s our neighbor. That makes me smile!

Well it’s Monday, so as promised here are more prize winners!

Martha (“junk” kit)

Jennifer Ryan (stamp press + stamps!!)

Bobbi in KY (stamp set)

Melinda (stamp set)

Shoot an e-mail to mflaum (at) to claim your prize and be sure to tell me what you won/where to send it! I’ve got a LOT more stuff in the works to share… so do stay tuned!

In other news today is Jason’s fantasy football draft day, which means he needs MY laptop + his own computer. Humph. I’m in the middle of about 48 projects so it’s not the best timing… but I’ll survive. Hopefully once I get back on-line I’ll have something to sneak peek for you.

In the meantime, have a wonderful day!