If you’ve seen Wedding Crashers then you know most likely what I’m referring to in the title. Will Farell yells this to his mom… and cracks me up. I only saw that movie once, but that line has stuck with me. So much so that when the girls are being super demanding (or when we’re having meatloaf) I’ve been known to yell this. Just to lighten things up. Crack myself up. Anyhow…

I love this photo. So much. I just said “NO, you may NOT have more tomatos!!” Of course today she (finally) got her way and got to see Wall-E and claims she loved it. Not sure if she really did or if she just likes the theater… oh well. I got popcorn and milkduds, so life is good. Me? I didn’t love the movie, but didn’t dislike it either. Just wasn’t my bag, baby.

This wee monster. (sigh) so cute. Wearing a Jersey shirt that her aunt sent for her birthday. Elizabeth has proclaimed she MUST have one just like it, and luckily my mother in law found a 49ers one at her Target. SCORE. It’s especially funny because just 2 weeks ago I offered to buy Elizabeth the jersey and she said “no way!”… funny how a little sister having something (and being told she’s SOOOO cute) changes one’s opinion.

Well I hear someone yelling for meatloaf. (Ok, so it’s Rebecca and I think she just wants juice) Happy Tuesday!