new article!

I love my job coordinating the craft content on LOVE working with the talented designers, with Fiskars, and of course I like to organize so it’s such the job for me. Bonus points for being one I do from home (I will confess, mostly at night in PJ pants!) and part time. Good stuff indeed.

Once in a while I either throw myself into the mix- or step up when we’ve got a project needed (always last minute- lol!) that I can help with.

Today I made a mirror- so fun, cute and totally a great gift item. I’m going to be making some more small decor mirrors for my etsy shop soon. (really soon!) Also I’ll be making them for Christmas gifts. I think the mirror took less than an hour- and I had fun putting all the do-dads together just so.

To see the whole mirror and check out some other mirrors too you can go here:  I had fun helping out on this article and I hope you enjoy. Right now I’ve got a lot more content to upload. I put new stuff up on the site (articles and projects) every week, and today I’ve got 4 new things to add. Have a great day!!