party cure.

My party hangover cure. First off I should say- when I say ‘hangover’ I mean more the exhaustion from hosting a party. NOT from over-indulging in alcoholic beverages. I was so busy I never even got to the beer. Let alone consume too many.

Do not underestimate the power of a piece of cake + steamy good cup of good coffee. (in cutest mug I have) It’s good stuff.

Yesterday we had a BBQ/1st birthday party here. SO fun. Lots of people here that we don’t get to see very often, and good times all around. Here’s one photo I got:

I only have about 30 photos total… which if you know me… that’s about 150 or so BELOW average for a party. There was just too much going on and I had to keep my camera safe from pool and kids… so it got left inside a lot. I admit that it’s a bummer, but it’s ok- I’d rather have memories of a really fun time than lots of pics of a ‘just ok’ time!

Now I’m back to waking up and recovering. I did all the major clean up last night (on purpose) so I could enjoy a quiet Sunday… and even though the girls woke up an HOUR early (after going to bed 1-2hrs late!) I have hope for a nice day. Oh, and I have cake and coffee… mmm…