Once upon a time I organized by color/theme… and I could never find the coordinating pieces in a line. For example- basic grey “sultry” would be in 5 different areas. P-A-I-N! So I changed it (back in 2005 or so) to being by mfg. I’ve always stored vertical- I love the paper files (like magazine but for 12×12) and they keep my paper nice and pretty for me.

So again I organize paper by manufacturer. EXCEPT- the mfg’s that I have only a few sheets of- those I just have lumped all together. Now, I hadn’t organized my paper since 2007, so it’s quite the mess. It took a few hours, but I got things back where they belong. Because I love lists, because I like to share here are the companies I have files for:

  • American Crafts
  • Autumn Leaves
  • Anna Griffin
  • Basic Grey
  • Creative Imaginations (1 file for all)
  • Love, Elsie (with any wee bit of KI thrown in)
  • Jenni Bowlin
  • K&Co
  • Making Memories
  • My Minds Eye
  • Melissa Frances
  • October Afternoon
  • Scenic Route
  • (and Heidi Grace, Cloud 9, Lil Davis, Kimberly Poloson… OF COURSE! They have a separate file…)

Companies that I’ve been adding enough paper from to justify their own files now:

  • Cosmo Cricket
  • Little Yellow Bicycle
  • doodlebug

Of course I’m not going to share who once had a file and was removed, because that wouldn’t be nice. Also, just because somebody isn’t listed here doesn’t mean I don’t love them… it just means that I don’t have enough of their paper to justify a whole separate section. for now.

How do you organize paper? What works good for you? I’m always curious.

Oh- and if you wonder about cardstock- here’s a current photo of my desk. I do by color in this great paper storage wood box/shelf thing I got at target. This is currently my desk. Trying to do some decor for the BBQ this weekend (early Rebecca b-day party)+ working on using some other stuff in current projects… more on all that later!