Monday (and a prize…)

The weekend was so fun- Jason was home the whole time- a rare event! We went to the Sonoma County Fair, hung out, and enjoyed a whole lot of family time.

Now I’ve got all the makings of a fabulous Monday. (my fave day!) It’s bright and sunny, it’s national milk chocolate day, I just got a SWEET assignment, the girls slept in to 830 (me too- and first time in forever!!!), and my friend Amy is coming over for a “slumber party”. Though I suspect we’ll do more scrapbooking and less sleeping- I can’t wait!!! I’ve never had someone stay over (other than my mom and sister) who was going to be crafting with me. OOOH… this is going to be F-U-N!

Ok, actually I can wait a bit longer because I have to clear off the guest bed/room… aka my studio!

Anyhow- since I need to put all my energy into that today (with very little blog time!) I am going to offer a Monday prize! gotta share this good feeling! So- I’ll draw 2 winners of Cloud 9’s cocoa mint page kits! Yep- I’ve got 2 page kits and they need good homes! There will be some milk chocolate included as well- today is National Milk Chocolate day!! Just leave a comment here and I’ll draw next time I blog.

For now I’m off to stock up on sweet and salty treats for successful creating tonight!!!