loved mama mia.

It was beautiful (when will I visit greece? oh when!?!), it was happy, it was song filled, and it was just over 1 1/2hours of total movie joy.

Seriously not sure how you could not love it. Unless of course you don’t like good things. (ha!) I was totally excited to go in the first place- I went with my neighbor Leslie and it was a great moms afternoon out. This movie combined with chocolate, popcorn, and soda? So great. The whole time watching I couldn’t help but think that due to all the songs it’s totally a scrapbooking movie. What do I mean? Well I listen to movies while I work- and I can not wait to add this to my regular favorites.

realistic? not quite. Can Pierce BrosnanĀ sing? NOO!!! It’s so awkward at one point I was in a fit of giggles. But Meryl rocks it out, the cast is total and utter fabulous-ness at it’s best, andĀ it’s happy, silly, song filled, and lovely. Just the way I like it.

now I start tapping my foot waiting for it to be available on DVD…