there is this book…

and I can’t get it out of my head because I can’t find it or remember details like who wrote it and/or what it’s called. I read it a while ago. I did not buy it from (already searched last 2yrs history)

romantic comedy. The woman goes to some country resort (?) ends up falling for guy who spends day fishing but also owns the place.

Ok. so not exactly heavy reading, but I own this book, it’s not on my shelf where it is supposed to be (giggle and snort) and I want to re-read it. NOW. Problem? I don’t know who wrote it or what it’s called so it’s not like I can even check it out from the library since mine is MIA.

If you can help, awesome.

if you can’t, do you have a good summer reading recommendation?


yes, I realize I’m crazy and obsessed. That’s how I roll.