thursday update-

First off- THANK YOU SO MUCH for your love and support. Really. I know I didn’t reply to comments, but they are so uplifting and appreciated. Thank you.

Well things are a lot less bleak than they were on Tuesday. That is good news- or potentially good news I should say. Jake’s pneumonia (caused by his disease) is what’s keeping him in the hospital- and unstable- at this point. He has to be fed and watered exclusively through IV because they can’t let him have anything orally until pneumonia improves. BUT- unless he turns back around for the worse… he’s now a teeny bit better than when I brought him in Sunday. Which means they’re getting closer to finding his proper dosage, AND that he’s fighting back against the pneumonia.

It’s all very S-L-O-W and drives me nuts. 3 more days is the expected time frame for him to be in- assuming everything goes smoothly and he recovers. The bottom line right now is either his 7 year old butt is going to kick into gear and win this battle, or he’s going to loose it. Knowing that it’s really clear cut (and probably not a decision I have to choose the outcome of) is helpful. Also last night we chatted a bit about feeding bowls and his maintenance when he comes home… a topic that had not been previously discussed. Again, it’s still not definite that he will recover, but there is hope.

As for me I’m doing better. I finally talked my brain into waking up and being active. Tuesday night was a real ‘do or die’ night for our Jake, and I convinced myself that maybe if I got off the couch and did some fun stuff (and talked to jake trying to send him telepathic messages) that maybe I could help him somehow. Now normally I’m not a big believer all the telepathic/psychic/talking to the other side type stuff. But then I thought “but what if it’s real, and I’m wrong?”… and that thought alone had me conversing to the east (Jake is east of us right now).

Yesterday I had a nice yelling match with our garbage company (you have to yell- they’re amazingly RUDE) and that put a smile on my face. Why? I should have called them and yelled tuesday but didn’t bother. The fact that I woke up Wednesday itching to call them… a good sign of spunk returning! So I am going to resume regular blogging now… assuming we continue on this good path.

Keeping good thoughts (and conversations) going…

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  1. I am glad things are looking up a wee tiny bit and have everything crossed that it will continue in that direction for you. I’m glad your spirits are better and you have gotten some spunk back too May!

  2. Sorry, I ,missed checking your blog for a few days and everything goes wrong. So sorry. Praying that Jake will get better and be able to join his family at home. All the best!

  3. I am so happy to hear he might actually pull through this. Still crossing my fingers for him. He looks like a fighter!

  4. Sounds like Jake is in good hands. I know it’s not the same thing but my cat caught pneumonia after being spayed. She ended up having to be rushed back to the vet, put on IV & oxygen for a few days & then when I was able to bring her home she had to be force fed as she wasn’t eating. She made a full recovery but it was time-consuming & frustrating as I couldn’t do more for her. Prayer helped too! Jake sounds like a real fighter & soon he’ll be home where he belongs – chasing the girls around & stealing their toys. My thoughts & prayers are with you & Jake at this time.

    I’m glad that you are doing better too. You won’t be any good to Jake when he comes home if you don’t take care of yourself now. He’ll need you too just as much as those adorable little girls.

  5. Where there is Hope, there is Will.

    Continued thoughts and prayers!

    Hugs to all!

  6. I’ll try to comment here – I think I can but I know there’s one that I can’t so I’ve been avoiding making comments. Jake has been on my mind and in my prayers since I first heard that he was ill. He has such a sweet face and you can see that he has unconditional love for your family. Here’s another prayer – that he comes home very soon to wag his tail and love his family.

  7. continued thoughts and prayers for your buddy Jake…I am trying the telepathic thing with my happy thoughts for him as well – I am such a corny animal lover!!

  8. Okay it sounds like jake is in good hands and being taken care of and it is a good thing that you get some energy back into your life!

  9. Okay it sounds like jake is in good hands and being taken care of and it is a good thing that you get some energy back into your life!

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