no time for a title

Yesterday my aunt & uncle, his 3 kids, their 6 kids, plus, of course, spouses descended upon the house of Flaum. For those doing the math- that’s 14 for lunch. I was totally thrilled to do it- because it meant I got to see these cousins and meet all their kiddies for the first time. Here’s a pic of all the kids.

Talk about baby central! It was fun having them over for a few hours, but of course once they left I’ve gone back down to “working lockdown” in the batcave. LOTS to do. The fact that I’ll be wrapping up my St. Paul trip this time next week does not seem real. Deep breaths, long lists, it can be done!

Before I run back to work here I leave you with this.

Is that not the cutest mug you’ve ever seen?????? This one gets put up on the wall for sure.