must haves.

Lil Davis is back. They are back on my must have list too. Oh yes. Pictured above is a chipboard button coated with their sunset glitter glaze. Don’t know where I’m headed with the button, just know I LOVE IT!! You can barely see behind my hand there is more lil davis goodness. I will share some of it here for sure. and over at next week…

This next batch of stuff, well, I’m beyond over the moon happy that it’s here. I am besotted. Someone fetch me a cup of tea, some buttons, and lace. I’m ready to rock it out with this stuff. Note: Besotted has long been a FAVORITE word of mine. Now I have to remember if it’s from Emma or what. Oh well, not trying to over think things this sleepy day. Anyhow, my point, I think I have one, is this:

and this.

and there’s more too. I hear that October Afternoon is just starting to ship… I can’t tell you how I ordered and got mine already. BUT you might notice there are 3-4 sheets of paper pictured above. That, my friends, is because there will be some sharing going on HERE. right here. Soon as I finish my homework…

(note: Miss E seems to be TIRED, but totally fine today…)

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  1. SO excited that the October Afternoon is starting to ship – just look at all those godies! 🙂 And I’m psyched at the return of Lil Davis too – June is going to be a GREAT scrappy month! 🙂

  2. Goodness…paper , gimme paper! Love that glitter glaze!…is that what was in the little tubes? I’ve never seen or used it!

  3. Ok…share, share, share! Since I’m a bit housebound at the moment, the internet is my superstore! I so LOVE this October Afternoon stuff that when I saw the pics from CHA I actually bought my daughter a top that would match perfectly – anticipating the scrapping! Glad to hear that E is doing better – hope you’ll get a little rest!

  4. Loving these sneak peeks May!!! This new stuff looks adorable!! And the pics you posted up at Fiskateers are just wonderful!! What a great range of yummy products!!

  5. I’m glad Miss E is better today and that you had lots of new things to play with!

  6. I’m glad Miss E is better today and that you had lots of new things to play with!

  7. That button would look great on a layout using Basic Grey’s Cupcake line with the bicycles on it. Oooo, I love it.

  8. Glad to hear E is better already. Wonder why she’s tired??? At least she’ll take a good nap, right?
    Now the question is HOW did I miss this goodness called October Afternoon????? Such eye candy! Yum!

  9. So glad that Miss E is feeling better.

    Love the looks of October Afternoon & can’t wait to see what you have in store for it.

  10. I have a confession I have been back to look at the big red button now three times! LOL I think I am in love with a big red button don’t tell my Honey!

  11. May!!! Oh, I am so drooling over that October Afternoon stuff. I LURVE it. Never got myself any, though. *sigh* I guess I’ll have to keep an eye on your blog!

  12. Really nice goodies. I always liked Lil’ Davis. Too cool. Thanks for letting us see the new goodies coming to the market.

  13. Oh my holy heck I love October Afternoon. Sigh. I can’t wait until it hits the stores. I used every single scrap of the paper I had from them, you really can’t beat the quality. Sigh. October Afternoon. 🙂

    Have a great long weekend!!

  14. glad Miss E is feeling better..Love the pic of shots like that…pretty paper and I love the button..have a good weekend!! Patti

  15. oh I am so excited about October Afternoon’s products – I can’t wait to get my hands on some!! I am glad that Miss E is feeling better!

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