now, before you all e-mail me telling me that the above is not “pilaf”… I know. But Here’s the thing. Rebecca has this rice with beef (actual pilaf) baby food that she eats. And Elizabeth, sassy thing she is LOVES saying pilaf. So… when I made this rice dish I told her it was pilaf and she cleared her plate. It helps that it’s full of cheese too.

I’m quickly becoming a fabulous instant meal cook on nites Jason is working. I need stuff that I can put on and walk away from, and that come together quickly. here’s how to make this dish- put a package of rice-a-roni “Parmesan chicken” rice on. Then sautee (cook) some chicken breast. PLAIN. No seasoning! When it’s cooked (and nice and browned on outside) set it aside and finish rice. Then, chop up chicken, add to rice, and top with extra (good) Parmesan.

and there you have it. one version of chicken and rice by May. It’s GOOOOOD. and very little to clean up.