tales of Hershey…

As I sort, delete, and re-size some of the photos for blogging purposes all kinds of details and stories come back to me. For example- what’s up with this? Why are there cherries in the title? Is it Bru-cherries-ster’s? I don’t understand. I want the cherries moved to the end or beginning. For whatever reason- this sign just really got under my skin and sadly I had to see a few of these.

Moving on to sweeter things- our few hours in Hershey. So many people said “you have to check the streetlights!” and yeah, they’re cute. little chocolate kisses. I’m sure some of you wanted to see that…

and the fire department. Long story short: On a road trip when Jason and I were first dating we took pics of him with fire engines/firefighters in every state we went through. Now? It’s kind of become a habit to take pics of fire engines when I’m anywhere. Just because. (disclaimer in case my husband or those who are fire-knowledgeable are reading- YES, I realize that is just a trailer and not a ‘real’ fire engine. But it’s what I saw. sheesh.)

The cool thing about the town is that the factory, theme park, etc… it’s all right there in the middle. As it should be, I think!


The hotel (pictured below) looked mighty grand too. Worth the $350 for one night on a random Wednesday night in April? I’m thinking not. I was so happy with the place in northern PA that we stayed at (for less than 1/3 the price!) there’s no way I could have justified that expense to myself. Still- looked grand and luxurious all the same. They had gardens up there I would have liked to see- but ran out of time.

We only drove around for about 10minutes- but really did seem like a nice little town. I did not smell the chocolate in the air like some claimed I would. Still… a cute place to visit. I will say this- their website was a total nightmare to navigate. I couldn’t get a real ‘feel’ for what I was going into, how big, how long, what was offered… I just couldn’t wrap my head around what I needed to see and do. Or if I’d have to pay to park, or if I could walk anywhere, etc… no, the Hershey, PA website (for Hershey visitor stuff) is not good.

Luckily my instincts told me that what Elizabeth and I really wanted was “chocolate world”, a place devoted to all things Hershey chocolate with a little ‘tour’ and shopping and eating. Good thing I was right. That was just the place for us quickie visitors.  I don’t want this post to get much longer! so many pics! So, I’ll share all about that (and a prize!) tomorrow…

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  1. These are great pictures. I love the two Hershey towers. I can imagine you can see them from very far away. What a great trip. Oh, and yummy chocolate too.

  2. Sorry you didn’t “smell” the chocolate, we smelled it through part of the downtown I think it was, not where the store / tour was.

    We didn’t do their hotel either! Found a nice one elsewhere.

    What a whirlwind trip you had!

  3. I love the street lamps and of course that huge hotel….wow.

    Interesting about the smell bit. Do you think maybe they only do it during special times? I know someone from the area who said they did do it. Interesting…..

  4. those street lights really are cute, I’d so lov to visit this little town myself.

  5. I know why those sign drive you nuts the cherries are just all wrong. . . Thanks for the pictures. I have a feeling that this is as close as I will get.

  6. I know why those sign drive you nuts the cherries are just all wrong. . . Thanks for the pictures. I have a feeling that this is as close as I will get.

  7. Oh I think I would end up the size of the factory if I lived in a town that smelt of chocolate! I used to live close to a biscuit factory and you could tell what sort of biscuits they were making each day and it used to make me crave them, not good for the waist line.
    Thanks for sharing photos from your trip.

  8. Woot, you’ve blogged a ton since I was here last. Wow, what a trip! Makes me want to go. Love your pics. And that sweet LO of E with the FP transparency – pretty! And LOL at Little Miss E calling her cow “Messy”.

    So was there anything in Scranton about “The Office”? And did you see last night’s episode? I wish Andy woulda said “Hey, beer me a straw. For my beer.”.

  9. I wonder if the people who live in Hershey ever get sick of chocolate? Is that possible?? 😉

  10. Looks like you did / seen alot without much direction. I would have been LOST! Beautiful photos are usual. TFS
    connie #2909

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