tulips and light

I know very little about photography. What I do know is very basic, and nowhere near the place I should probably be striving for. But really, I’m just a point-and-shoot camera girl. I want to be an uber cool SLR goddess… but I’m not. yet. maybe some year. For today I enjoy my point-and-shoot and occasional venture into photos in manual mode.

disclaimer: I do not know what I’m doing or what the different adjustments even mean. I’m not kidding. Should I be admitting this? Anyhow, I just fiddle and have fun. I love the adjustment where I mess with the #- it adjusts light. (see- I am clueless!) ANYWAYS- I like messing with manual mode when I have a few minutes and have a still subject. First, here is auto mode.

Then, I messed with manual mode and made it super light. LOVE doing this with flowers especially when I don’t want all the background to show up…

same flowers, same spot on window. But now I have a photo I really like and might just print out for the studio wall.