Watching TV this evening a promo came on for Charlie and the chocolate factory (new one- plus the original too). Elizabeth, apparently, was watching very seriously and paying attention. After it ended she turned to me and said:

“mommy? Mommy we need to go there. I would really like to see that factory. Yes, I would like to go to that factory and eat.”

me: “Um… that’s a movie Elizabeth. Would you like to watch the movie?”

“yes. We will have popcorn and watch it. Then you will take me there on a vacation.”

me: “Sweetie, it’s a pretend movie. Like Underdog. It’s not a real place.”

“Well… (sigh and deep breath) Ok. But can we go to another chocolate factory?”

I love, love, love how she talks, thinks, and the ideas she comes up with. I am going to scrap a page about the word “well” because she starts so many sentences with it these days. And after it, she ALWAYS pauses like this-¬†Well…. (then her thought). Love life with the 3 year old. Don’t think I’m ready to explain that we’re going to Hershey, PA at the end of the month… I’ll save that for the plane ride…